Bug #18126

Illegal instruction from Messenger::create -> std::random_device::_M_getval

Added by Sage Weil about 6 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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3 - minor
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2016-12-02 05:05:35.436894 90133c0 10 obtain_monmap
2016-12-02 05:05:35.482491 90133c0 10 obtain_monmap found mkfs monmap
2016-12-02 05:05:35.626316 90133c0 -1 *** Caught signal (Illegal instruction) **
 in thread 90133c0 thread_name:memcheck-amd64-

 ceph version 11.0.2-2165-ga68e9ab (a68e9ab353c6179a9cdbec28ac253e903eb7c3ca)
 1: (()+0x70e1ce) [0x8161ce]
 2: (()+0x113e0) [0xa90e3e0]
 3: (()+0xb7b15) [0xb370b15]
 4: (std::random_device::_M_getval()+0x92) [0xb370cb2]
 5: (Messenger::create(CephContext*, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, entity_name_t, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, unsigned long, unsigned long)+0x430) [0x67a1c0]
 6: (main()+0x1e03) [0x3612f3]
 7: (__libc_start_main()+0xf0) [0xbb7a830]
 8: (_start()+0x29) [0x3d5789]
 NOTE: a copy of the executable, or `objdump -rdS <executable>` is needed to interpret this.


ceph-mon.b.log in run dir

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Related to RADOS - Bug #20360: rados/verify valgrind tests: osds fail to start (xenial valgrind) New


#1 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago

  • Priority changed from Urgent to Immediate


#2 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago


#3 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago

bf7d77a84b144ffdc92efd7d19d3038b75911b54 looks like it could maybe be the culprit? it moved a global static to a function static.

#4 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago

  • Status changed from New to 15
  • Priority changed from Immediate to Urgent

#5 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago

In the meantime, we can force valgrind runs onto centos.

#6 Updated by Sage Weil about 6 years ago

<sage> jamespage: any chance we can poke the valgrind package maintainer to update the (xenial) package?  the bug was fixed about a year ago.
<frickler> sage: backporting changes may take some time, could you test whether installing the package from yakkety would solve your issue?

#7 Updated by David Galloway about 6 years ago

Sepia smithis running Xenial now have valgrind 3.12.0~svn20160714-1ubuntu2 installed.

ansible -a "wget -O /tmp/valgrind.deb" smithi[079:116]
ansible -a "sudo dpkg -i /tmp/valgrind.deb" smithi[079:116]

(also did smithi126 separately)

#9 Updated by Sage Weil over 5 years ago

2017-06-01T03:26:56.134 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:vex amd64->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF 0xC7 0xF0 0x89 0x6 0xF 0x42 0xC1
2017-06-01T03:26:56.138 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:vex amd64->IR:   REX=0 REX.W=0 REX.R=0 REX.X=0 REX.B=0
2017-06-01T03:26:56.140 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:vex amd64->IR:   VEX=0 VEX.L=0 VEX.nVVVV=0x0 ESC=0F
2017-06-01T03:26:56.143 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:vex amd64->IR:   PFX.66=0 PFX.F2=0 PFX.F3=0
2017-06-01T03:26:56.147 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== valgrind: Unrecognised instruction at address 0xc053b15.
2017-06-01T03:26:56.150 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== Your program just tried to execute an instruction that Valgrind
2017-06-01T03:26:56.153 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== did not recognise.  There are two possible reasons for this.
2017-06-01T03:26:56.156 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== 1. Your program has a bug and erroneously jumped to a non-code
2017-06-01T03:26:56.158 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335==    location.  If you are running Memcheck and you just saw a
2017-06-01T03:26:56.161 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335==    warning about a bad jump, it's probably your program's fault.
2017-06-01T03:26:56.164 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== 2. The instruction is legitimate but Valgrind doesn't handle it,
2017-06-01T03:26:56.167 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335==    i.e. it's Valgrind's fault.  If you think this is the case or
2017-06-01T03:26:56.170 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335==    you are not sure, please let us know and we'll try to fix it.
2017-06-01T03:26:56.173 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== Either way, Valgrind will now raise a SIGILL signal which will
2017-06-01T03:26:56.176 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:==00:00:00:06.020 91335== probably kill your program.
2017-06-01T03:26:56.180 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:*** Caught signal (Illegal instruction) **
2017-06-01T03:26:56.183 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: in thread 96db6c0 thread_name:memcheck-amd64-
2017-06-01T03:26:56.187 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: ceph version  12.0.2-1874-g9581c1e (9581c1ec2323fe8aeeb9e60dc3397298b2350970) luminous (dev)
2017-06-01T03:26:56.190 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 1: (()+0x9e05d2) [0xae85d2]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.193 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 2: (()+0x11390) [0xb972390]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.196 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 3: (()+0xb7b15) [0xc053b15]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.200 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 4: (std::random_device::_M_getval()+0x92) [0xc053cb2]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.202 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 5: (MonClient::_add_conns(unsigned long)+0xe9) [0xb414e9]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.206 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 6: (MonClient::_reopen_session(int)+0x45f) [0xb42e0f]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.209 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 7: (MonClient::authenticate(double)+0x62d) [0xb4452d]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.212 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 8: (OSD::init()+0x265a) [0x5936ca]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.216 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 9: (main()+0x2ebc) [0x4a8b5c]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.221 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 10: (__libc_start_main()+0xf0) [0xc85d830]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.224 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr: 11: (_start()+0x29) [0x52eb59]
2017-06-01T03:26:56.229 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:2017-06-01 03:26:56.075549 96db6c0 -1 osd.1 0 log_to_monitors {default=true}
2017-06-01T03:26:56.232 INFO:tasks.ceph.osd.1.smithi192.stderr:2017-06-01 03:26:56.174695 96db6c0 -1 *** Caught signal (Illegal instruction) **


not fixed yet on xenial

teuthology:1248735  04:47 PM $ ssh smithi192
Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.12.0-rc3-ceph-gdc9938ed50b8 x86_64)

 * Documentation:
 * Management:
 * Support:
Last login: Thu Jun  1 16:39:53 2017 from
ubuntu@smithi192:~$ dpkg -l | grep valgrind
ii  valgrind                                  1:3.11.0-1ubuntu4.1                      amd64        instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools

valgrind is already the newest version (1:3.11.0-1ubuntu4.1).

#10 Updated by Greg Farnum over 5 years ago

  • Assignee set to David Galloway

Hmm, any idea why the valgrind versions seem to have regressed, David?

#11 Updated by David Galloway over 5 years ago

Greg Farnum wrote:

Hmm, any idea why the valgrind versions seem to have regressed, David?

A few of the smithi have definitely been reimaged since I last touched this. At the time, I didn't have the foresight to put this in ceph-cm-ansible. I'll do that now.

The version that'll get installed is intended for Zesty. Is that ok?

#13 Updated by Sage Weil over 5 years ago

1:3.12.0-1.1ubuntu1 on smithi107 showed the error in #20360

#14 Updated by David Galloway over 5 years ago

Okay, I've uploaded to chacra and removed the zesty version (3.12.0-1ubuntu1) which introduced a new bug

The hope is that 3.12.0~svn20160714-1ubuntu2 will fix the original valgrind bug in this issue and won't have the new bug in the 3.12.0-1ubuntu1 version.

I've removed valgrind from all the Xenial testnodes [1] so the svn version will get installed on the next ceph-cm-ansible run.

[1] for host in $(tl --brief -a -m smithi --os-type ubuntu --os-version 16.04 | grep -v 'slave\|dfuller\|tracker' | cut -d ' ' -f1); do ssh $host "sudo apt-get purge -y valgrind"; done

#15 Updated by Sage Weil over 5 years ago

  • Related to Bug #20360: rados/verify valgrind tests: osds fail to start (xenial valgrind) added

#16 Updated by Sage Weil over 5 years ago

  • Priority changed from Urgent to Normal

confining valgrind tests to centos again, so this is not a high priority.

#17 Updated by Patrick Donnelly about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from 15 to Fix Under Review

#18 Updated by David Galloway about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Fix Under Review to Resolved

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