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06:17 PM Stable releases Tasks #41830 (Resolved): needs to be regularly updated to point to the lates...
Put a step updating this in the wiki ( ...
06:16 PM Stable releases Wiki edit: HOWTO_announce_a_release (#15)


09:11 PM RADOS Bug #41680 (Won't Fix): osd reduced causing dirty data in monitor
OSD failure reports will die out on their own eventually and there's no general reason to expect a removed OSD was in...
09:10 PM RADOS Bug #41693 (Need More Info): a accidental problems with osd detection algorithm in monitor
Can you explain in more detail exactly what happened here?
It sounds like you have three hosts with colocated OSDs...
09:03 PM Ceph Bug #41326 (Won't Fix): ceph-crash: omits cluster name
Unfortunately as cluster names are deprecated I don't think anybody will be devoting time to resolve this. Presumably...


08:51 PM RADOS Bug #41065 (Closed): new osd added to cluster upgraded from 13 to 14 will down after some days
It's not clear from these snippets what issue you're actually experiencing. The "bad authorizer" suggests either a cl...
08:46 PM Ceph Bug #41326: ceph-crash: omits cluster name
Isn't the cluster name deprecated? What exactly breaks, is it looking for a nonexistent config file or something?
08:38 PM fs Bug #41398 (Resolved): qa: KeyError: 'cluster' in ceph.stop
08:37 PM RADOS Bug #41406 (Verified): common: SafeTimer reinit doesn't fix up "stopping" bool, used in MonClient...
That's a weird one; perhaps the MonClient should behave differently instead.
(Note that this is a problem only on ...
08:28 PM ceph-ansible Bug #41518 (Resolved): must add a [grafana-server...

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