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10:32 PM RADOS Bug #42503 (Closed): There are a lot of OSD downturns on this node. After PG is redistributed, a ...
Yes, sometimes CRUSH selection fails when you have a very small number of choices compared to the number of required ...
10:27 PM RADOS Bug #42529 (Closed): memory bloat + OSD process crash


10:21 PM rbd Support #42676: luminoue:Can't delete cache pool
As you have to maintain watches on the RBD header images, they can't be evicted. I suspect you can't do a migration l...
10:19 PM Ceph Support #42639 (Closed): CURL -X HEAD hangs
The IRC channels or user mailing list are much better ways to get support on how to use the system. :)
I'm not sur...
10:10 PM Ceph Bug #42585 (Need Review): Need to stop ceph daemons from picking some special network interfaces
10:08 PM RADOS Support #42584 (Closed): MGR error: auth: could not find secret_id=<number>
I'm closing this as I think it got addressed on the mailing list?


11:58 PM teuthology Bug #42543: teuthology-lock: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'startswith'
Hmm I pulled down the newest version and it's working for me on the teuthology box when I lock a rhel node.
It loo...


09:06 PM RADOS Support #42449: Flushing cache pool will take months
You'll get better help with cache tiers on the mailing list or irc than here in the tracker. :)
I think you want t...


09:17 PM Ceph Documentation #42379 (Closed): word changes needed in below sections
PR pending but we don't need a tracker for a couple word changes. :)
09:04 PM RADOS Feature #42321 (Need Review): Add a new mode to balance pg layout by primary osds

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