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09:24 PM RADOS Bug #41228: mon: deleting a CephFS and its pools causes MONs to crash
> [14:11:31] <@gregsfortytwo> batrick: looking at and it's got a lot going on but part...
09:10 PM RADOS Bug #41228: mon: deleting a CephFS and its pools causes MONs to crash
Can you include exactly what commands you ran? Did you still have clients mounted while deleting the FS?


09:09 PM RADOS Tasks #40937: Problem "open vSwitch" networkbond set_numa_affinity
Does this visibly break anything or is it just a message in the logs?
09:04 PM Linux kernel client Documentation #40996: Calling messenger v1 protocol legacy is misleading
Is there something weird going on with rbd? I imagine the example command is just invoking a kernel interface that ru...


08:27 PM RADOS Bug #40791: high variance in pg size
Jan Fajerski wrote:
> Greg Farnum wrote:
> > PGs split by splitting their hash range in half. So if you have not-a-...


07:35 PM RADOS Support #40777: hit assert in AuthMonitor::update_from_paxos
Ah, ENOENT might be a code bug. Unless you have debug logs of the monitor from when it was writing that data to disk ...
07:31 PM RADOS Bug #40791: high variance in pg size
Lars Marowsky-Brée wrote:
> This is Luminous, 12.2.12 by now.
> Balancing on bytes (reweight-by-utilization) wa...


09:19 PM RADOS Bug #40726: "OSD::osd_op_tp thread 0x7f6dafcf0700' had timed out after 15"
This happens occasionally on Mira nodes; but if it pops up repeatedly on the same node or test suite that may be evid...
09:16 PM RADOS Bug #40791: high variance in pg size
It sure looks like the PG count isn't a power of two, so some of them are simply half size compared to the others. (S...
09:12 PM RADOS Support #40777 (Closed): hit assert in AuthMonitor::update_from_paxos
That assert means there was a read error when the monitor tried to get data off of disk. Check your disk!

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