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01:42 PM fs Bug #45344: doc: Table Of Contents doesn't work
I think this is a project-wide thing that Zach (docs guy) already has a ticket for?


07:33 PM teuthology Bug #45297: sudo docker kill -s Signals.SIGHUP osd fails with 'Error: Invalid signal: Signals.SIG...
Looks like something's being escaped when it shouldn't? (Signals.SIGHUP has got to be a Python variable that needs to...
07:28 PM RADOS Support #45270 (Resolved): after reboot osd move to localhost
I believe this has been discussed several times on the mailing list. If your OSDs don't get reliably told what their ...
07:25 PM fs Bug #45257: Removing filesystem results in task status scrub status old mdses in idle state
Venky, you just fixed this, right?


11:47 PM Ceph Bug #44197: read_until returns Operation not permitted in a mixed arch client MON session
So it sounds like cephx doesn't work when the client's 32-bit and the server's 64-bit?
We do try and maintain thin...
11:06 PM fs Bug #45080: mds slow journal ops then cephfs damaged after restarting an osd host
Hmm so the MDS shutdown assert is a bug we've been dancing around on where we were trying to clean up Context callbac...


05:18 AM fs Bug #44962 (In Progress): "ceph fs status" command outputs to stderr instead of stdout when json ...
Kotresh, this merged to master but I'm not sure how far we need to backport it, please check and update the ticket.
05:17 AM fs Bug #44645 (Resolved): cephfs-shell: Fix flake8 errors (E302, E502, E128, F821, W605, E128 and E122)
05:15 AM fs Bug #43061 (Pending Backport): ceph fs add_data_pool doesn't set pool metadata properly
05:15 AM fs Bug #43761 (Pending Backport): mon/MDSMonitor: "ceph fs authorize cephfs client.test /test rw" do...

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