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01:08 AM RADOS Bug #47509 (New): test: no longer passes/is correctly invoked in CI
Despite the test showing up as passed in Jenkins, it's apparent that most of the actual tests are now being skipped i...


02:33 AM bluestore Bug #47453 (Need More Info): checksum failures lead to assert on OSD shutdown in lab tests


12:28 AM RADOS Bug #46914 (Fix Under Review): mon: stuck osd_pgtemp message forwards


11:42 PM RADOS Bug #43893: lingering osd_failure ops (due to failure_info holding references?)
Looking at this ticket again it's not a no_reply issue at all -- the last event is it getting marked as no_reply, but...
11:24 PM RADOS Bug #46914: mon: stuck osd_pgtemp message forwards
Looking through the source, there's one clear way this happens: the leader may decide that a message can get dropped ...
11:22 PM RADOS Bug #46914 (Resolved): mon: stuck osd_pgtemp message forwards
We've seen osd_pgtemp messages which are forwarded to the lead...


01:42 PM fs Bug #45344: doc: Table Of Contents doesn't work
I think this is a project-wide thing that Zach (docs guy) already has a ticket for?


07:33 PM teuthology Bug #45297: sudo docker kill -s Signals.SIGHUP osd fails with 'Error: Invalid signal: Signals.SIG...
Looks like something's being escaped when it shouldn't? (Signals.SIGHUP has got to be a Python variable that needs to...
07:28 PM RADOS Support #45270 (Resolved): after reboot osd move to localhost
I believe this has been discussed several times on the mailing list. If your OSDs don't get reliably told what their ...
07:25 PM fs Bug #45257: Removing filesystem results in task status scrub status old mdses in idle state
Venky, you just fixed this, right?

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