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09:54 AM fs Feature #24880: ceph_volume_client: Implementation of the cp method
I just checked who wrote that "TODO" comment, and it turns out it was me, even though I have no memory of it :-)


05:25 PM mgr Bug #24689 (Resolved): Warning when importing dashboard key or cert
04:54 PM Ceph Revision d7601c54 (ceph): qa/mgr: delete devicehealth pool after selftest
This prevents tests getting hung up on the health
warnings from its very low pg count.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <jo...
12:23 PM RADOS Bug #24785: mimic selinux denials comm="tp_fstore_op / comm="ceph-osd dev=dm-0 and dm-1
Filing under RADOS because it appears to be OSD specific.
12:22 PM fs Bug #24849: client: statfs inode count odd
We set f_ffree to -1 because it's not meaningful (unlike e.g. ext4, we don't really have an inode limit other than th...
09:52 AM Ceph Revision 82f99601 (ceph): doc/cephfs: make scary DR bits less prominent
I'm sure people will still find them, but let's at least
force people to click through one more time to get to the


10:04 AM Ceph Revision 8f4481f8 (ceph): mon: exception for dashboard in config-key warning
This warning went in with the expectation that nobody
would be using config-key commands for modules any more,
but th...
10:01 AM Ceph Revision e48353bb (ceph): mgr: reduce log spam
Several things at level 1 that shouldn't have been, especially
the big dump of all possible commands every time we ha...
10:01 AM Ceph Revision 13bcddea (ceph): mgr: handle long-named mgr modules
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
10:01 AM Ceph Revision af8c2ce4 (ceph): mgr: improve logging on handle_command path
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>

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