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11:25 AM mgr Feature #17462 (Closed): Pagination on list GET methods
rest module was removed, no longer relevant.
11:15 AM mgr Feature #17458 (Closed): Port /crush_node/ API from Calamari
rest module was removed, no longer relevant.
11:14 AM mgr Bug #18994 (Need More Info): High CPU usage for ceph-mgr daemon v11.2.0
Muthusamy are you still having this issue with the 12.x code?
11:13 AM mgr Bug #19369 (Duplicate): mgr: listening socket does not respect public/cluster network setting in ...
Happened to notice this by inspection as, 90% sure this will be the same issue.
11:01 AM fs Feature #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
For the clean-ish shutdown case, it would be neat to have a common code path with the -EBLACKLISTED handling (see Cli...


10:48 AM Ceph Bug #20995: ceph -w does not exit, but it doesn't display any messages either

From ceph-devel...


11:31 AM Ceph Feature #7192 (Resolved): An easier-to-process health report


07:05 PM mgr Bug #20950: key mismatch for mgr after upgrade from jewel to luminous(dev)
# Hmm, so looking at that smithi022 node, I'm not sure about what I'm seeing:...


06:26 PM mgr Bug #20989 (Closed): ceph-mgr dashboard does not start on Linux container
Thanks for the update, closing
03:40 PM mgr Bug #20989: ceph-mgr dashboard does not start on Linux container
This looks a lot less likely to be anything to do with containers and a lot more likely to be a mistake setting socke...

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