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10:09 PM fs Bug #21821 (Need Review): MDSMonitor: mons should reject misconfigured mds_blacklist_interval
09:55 PM fs Bug #21821: MDSMonitor: mons should reject misconfigured mds_blacklist_interval
A good opportunity to use the new min/max fields on the config option itself.
I suppose if we accept the idea that...


11:06 AM Ceph Revision 625e1b5c (ceph): mgr: safety checks on pyThreadState usage
Previously relied on the caller of Gil() to
pass new_thread=true if they would be
calling from a different thread.
11:06 AM Ceph Revision 23c3a075 (ceph): mgr: move Gil implementation into .cc
The inclusion of Python.h in the .h was awkward
for other files including Gil.h.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <john.spr...
11:06 AM Ceph Revision 987612a9 (ceph): mgr: reduce Gil verbosity at level 20
Even at 20, it's pretty heavy to be logging
every lock acquire/release.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <john.spray@redhat...


11:00 AM mgr Bug #20629 (Need Review): Spurious ceph-mgr failovers during mon elections


11:03 AM fs Bug #21759 (Need Review): Assertion in EImportStart::replay should be a damaged()
10:37 AM Ceph Revision b4c662c2 (ceph): mds: additional damage handling case in EImportStart
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
10:35 AM fs Bug #21759 (Pending Backport): Assertion in EImportStart::replay should be a damaged()

This is one of a number of assertions that still linger in, but since it's been seen in the wild ("[ceph...
10:22 AM mgr Bug #21752 (Resolved): ceph fs status returns error
Merged, and noted on to pull in the patch rather than creating a separate backpo...

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