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03:51 PM fs Bug #20040 (Resolved): "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'" in po...
03:49 PM fs Bug #19946 (Resolved): 2481: FAILED assert(s == nested_auth_pins)
03:42 PM fs Bug #19892 (Resolved): Test failure: test_purge_queue_op_rate fails
03:35 PM fs Bug #19955: Too many stat ops when MDS trying to probe a large file
Zheng -- should we backport this? What will happen to old clients trying to access MDSs using the new behaviour?
02:26 PM Ceph Bug #20072 (New): pgnls results show objects that have been deleted (bluestore)

It's possible this was always the case but we only just happened to see it affect a test?
The CephFS test TestSt...
10:47 AM Ceph Bug #20069 (New): PGs failing to create at start of test, REQUIRE_LUMINOUS not set?
10:34 AM Ceph Bug #20068: osd valgrind error in CrushWrapper::has_incompat_choose_args
Oops, left off the actual link:
10:33 AM Ceph Bug #20068 (In Progress): osd valgrind error in CrushWrapper::has_incompat_choose_args
Loic: assigning to you because it looks like you were working in this function recently....
10:26 AM Ceph Bug #19939: OSD crash in MOSDRepOpReply::decode_payload
More instances from last night's master:


05:14 PM fs Bug #19706: failed to set counters on mds daemons: set(['mds.dir_split'])
The issue is that we're getting nice regular tick() calls even when we're not readable, so the code in ::tick to rese...

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