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06:04 PM fs Bug #18883: Failures in samba suite
Testing fix for the fuse thing here:
Haven't looked into the smbtorture fa...
05:52 PM fs Bug #18883: Failures in samba suite
The weird "failed to lock pidfile" ones are all with the "mount/native.yaml" fragment
05:44 PM fs Bug #18883: Failures in samba suite
Some of them are something different, too:
05:32 PM fs Bug #18883: Failures in samba suite
Weird, that was supposed to be fixed so that ceph-fuse never tries to create a pidfile:
11:38 AM Ceph Bug #18968: mon changing client global_id on restart (failure in TestVolumeClient.test_data_isola...

Here it is: client.4219 sends an auth message, and gets its ID changed to 14100...
11:35 AM Ceph Bug #18968 (New): mon changing client global_id on restart (failure in TestVolumeClient.test_data...

This particular FS test restarts a mon while a client is mounted. The test is then hanging because that client app...


09:16 PM fs Feature #17980 (In Progress): MDS should reject connections from OSD-blacklisted clients
There's a jcsp/wip-17980 with a first cut of this.


10:25 PM fs Bug #18830 (Resolved): Coverity: bad iterator dereference in Locker::acquire_locks
10:24 PM fs Bug #18877 (Pending Backport): mds/StrayManager: avoid reusing deleted inode in StrayManager::_pu...
10:21 PM fs Feature #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
So the "client completely unresponsive but only evict it when someone else wants its caps" case is http://tracker.cep...

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