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09:45 PM fs Backport #18540 (Need Review): kraken: Test failure: test_session_reject (tasks.cephfs.test_sessi...
09:45 PM fs Backport #18540 (Need Review): kraken: Test failure: test_session_reject (tasks.cephfs.test_sessi...
03:09 PM fs Bug #18363 (Can't reproduce): Test failure: test_ops_throttle (tasks.cephfs.test_strays.TestStrays)
This appears to have been something intermittent, and the deletion code is going to change anyway so I'm going to ski...
03:08 PM fs Bug #18362 (Duplicate): Test failure: test_evict_client (tasks.cephfs.test_volume_client.TestVolu...
12:24 PM fs Bug #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
Ah, I think I had (incorrectly) assumed that the work Matt did on invalidations before had been merged, but if that's...
12:24 PM fs Feature #18537 (New): libcephfs cache invalidation upcalls
Matt Benjamin did some work in this area:
12:19 PM fs Bug #18530: ceph tell mds prints warning about ms_handle_reset
I think the OSD does do roughly the same sort of thing (hidden inside Objecter), so it might be instructive to look a...
12:15 PM fs Bug #18532: Forward scrub failing to repair dir stats (was: subdir with corrupted dirstat is un-r...
Without having looked into this in detail yet, my presumption would be that the bug is that the repair code isn't fix...


11:46 AM fs Feature #18514: qa: don't use a node for each kclient
What's the proposed solution here? To isolate the tests that require killing mounts in a directory with a different ...
11:24 AM fs Bug #18396 (Pending Backport): Test Failure: kcephfs test_client_recovery.TestClientRecovery

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