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01:30 PM mgr Bug #21225: ceph-mgr: dashboard and zabbix plugin report wrong values
This seems likely to be the same issue as, the fix for which will be in 12.2.3


06:34 PM mgr Feature #23042 (New): Prompt ServiceMap removal on clean shutdown
We should have MgrClient explicitly send a message on shutdown, so that DaemonServer can immediately remove it from S...
03:23 PM mgr Bug #23017 (Need Review): mgr log spamming about down osds
This was also happening at startup even if no OSDs were down, so let's stop reporting it at error level.


03:19 PM Ceph Revision c15cf4d8 (ceph): mon: dump percent_used PGMap field as float
Formatting this as a string was awkward for anyone
consuming it from other code.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <john.spr...


11:12 AM mgr Bug #22947 (Duplicate): Prometheus exporter module fails due to incorrect PG_STATES
Thanks for the report: the fix for this will be part of the forthcoming 12.2.3 release.


01:57 PM mgr Bug #22226: ceph zabbix plugin sends incorrect motinoring info to zabbix server
If it's correlated with a mon going down then I suspect this is the same underlying cause as


05:50 PM Ceph Revision 798cc37c (ceph): mds: clean up clog damage message when repairing
If we've repaired then we don't need to be at WRN
and we don't need to advise the user to look up
the damage detail.
05:50 PM Ceph Revision 6e544ac9 (ceph): mds: flush after scrub repairs
Otherwise, if we restart the MDS right after the scrub,
then scrub again, it will see the same inconsistency when
it ...
05:50 PM Ceph Revision f19f1e1c (ceph): mds: don't report repaired backtraces in damagetable
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
(cherry picked from com...
05:50 PM Ceph Revision 162e25ec (ceph): mds: cleaner scrub complete log msg
People often are not using a tag with their scrub,
let's not have the ugly "with tag ''" in that case.

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