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  • bluestore (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 11/29/2017)
  • ceph-volume (Developer, Reporter, 11/13/2018)



07:30 PM Ceph Revision b19a0a01 (ceph): pybind/mgr/mgr_module: some accessors
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
07:30 PM Ceph Revision 5ce5f651 (ceph): osdc/Objecter: revise get_latest_version locking
Avoid holding Objecter lock while calling back
into completion.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
07:30 PM Ceph Revision 1d9ea303 (ceph): os/memstore: ignore OP_COLL_SET_BITS
...rather than crashing out on it.
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
07:30 PM Ceph Revision e5fb5a1d (ceph): qa: generalise REQUIRE_MEMSTORE
Move it up into CephTestCase so that mgr tests can
use it too, and pick it up in so
that these tests...
07:30 PM Ceph Revision d590a539 (ceph): mgr: drop GIL in get_config
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>
07:30 PM Ceph Revision 0e101ae1 (ceph): mon: use pg_num_target for checks during creation
This way, someone creating pools can proceed
as long as they've decreased the pg_num_target
of other pools, even if t...
04:50 PM Ceph Revision d8300026 (ceph): common/options: add `mon_target_pg_per_osd`
This is the partner to mon_max_pg_per_osd, where
this is a more conservative target for PG auto adjustment,
leaving s...
04:50 PM Ceph Revision 6ed099f3 (ceph): mgr: expose OSDMap.pool_raw_used_rate
Signed-off-by: John Spray <>


07:00 PM Ceph Revision db29db5d (ceph): mgr: create `volumes` module
This encapsulates and extends ceph_volume_client, providing
similar functionality as a service from ceph-mgr.
We use...
03:43 AM Ceph Revision cea9a260 (ceph): mgr: cleaner constructor for CommandResult
This is just to reduce the visual noise of all the
CommandResult(""). Nothing really uses the optional
tag part, but...

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