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10:49 PM Ceph Revision c475484f (ceph): doc: install build-doc deps without git clone
With `-e` the repository is cloned, leading to `git clean` skipping
the cloned dependencies due to the `.git` directo...


09:34 PM Ceph Revision e2341ad3 (ceph): qa/mgr: avoid enabling always on modules
when enabling a module attempt to determine if it is an always on
module, and if it is, then return without waiting o...
09:06 PM Ceph Revision bca519a1 (ceph): qa/mgr: do not disable always on module
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>
06:41 PM Ceph Revision 18f253aa (ceph): mgr: monitor-controlled always on modules
the original version of the always-on mgr modules feature had an issue
such that if a user-enabled module was include...
06:39 PM Ceph Revision 8ef9b7e2 (ceph): mgr: remove always on mods from init list
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>
06:33 PM Ceph Revision ef88206d (ceph): mgr: remove dead code
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>


10:02 PM Ceph Revision 5c2615e3 (ceph): qa/tasks/mgr: whitelist insights test health checks
these drive health history tracking tests.
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>


11:48 PM Ceph Revision b693af6b (ceph): doc: clarify use of insights health pruning
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>
11:25 PM Ceph Revision cdfc2e70 (ceph): qa/tasks/mgr: do not enable always-on module
Signed-off-by: Noah Watkins <>
07:30 PM RADOS Bug #26994: test_module_commands (tasks.mgr.test_module_selftest.TestModuleSelftest) fails
Something like this will probably fix it...

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