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07:13 AM RADOS Feature #41905: Add ability to change fsid of cluster
Splitting the cluster meant no data copy from A to B. Minimal downtime for the RGW application and no downtime for th...


07:45 AM mgr Backport #42116: mimic: mgr/telemetry: 'ceph telemetry show' fails
This seems to be fixed in Master, but not in Nautilus nor Mimic.
PR for Nautilus:
07:19 AM mgr Backport #42116: mimic: mgr/telemetry: 'ceph telemetry show' fails
This seems to happen when the crash module isn't enabled:...
07:17 AM mgr Backport #42116 (In Progress): mimic: mgr/telemetry: 'ceph telemetry show' fails
From the mailinglist:...


09:46 AM RADOS Feature #41905 (New): Add ability to change fsid of cluster
There is a case where you want to change the fsid of a cluster: When you have splitted a cluster into two different c...


02:32 PM mgr Bug #40174 (Resolved): Influx module fails due to missing close() method
The upstream InfluxDBClient has a close() method, but the client supplied by Ubuntu, CentOS and such do not have this...


05:45 AM Ceph Revision 0ec7bc49 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Fix typo in key name for PGs in backfill_wait state
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>


08:51 AM mgr Bug #39666 (Pending Backport): mgr/zabbix: Typo in key name for PGs in backfill_wait state
The key being send is wait_backfill and not backfill_wait


11:25 AM RADOS Bug #39555: backfill_toofull while OSDs are not full (Unneccessary HEALTH_ERR)
Greg Farnum wrote:
> The OSD can't count PGs being evacuated as if they were gone because something could go wrong. ...


11:18 AM mgr Bug #39533: mgr/dashboard: notify the user about unset 'mon_allow_pool_delete' flag beforehand
I would be very, very cautious with this. Removing pools should not be very easy for users.
The mon_allow_pool_del...

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