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03:39 PM CephFS Bug #50266: "ceph fs snapshot mirror daemon status" should not use json keys as value
After discussing with Venky, it seems that a daemon can mirror multiple ffs so we need another list for the fs_id, so...
01:33 PM CephFS Bug #50266 (New): "ceph fs snapshot mirror daemon status" should not use json keys as value
Currently the command outputs:...


10:15 AM CephFS Bug #49859 (Triaged): Snapshot schedules are not deleted after enabling/disabling snap module
Assuming the following:...


05:16 PM CephFS Bug #49837 (Fix Under Review): mgr/pybind/snap_schedule: do not fail when no fs snapshots are ava...
When calling the json output, we should not return any error but just an empty dict:...


02:40 PM ceph-volume Bug #49582 (New): ceph-volume lvm batch does not support valid LV passed by 'dm' names
When passing block like /dev/dm-0 (a valid LV):...
02:04 PM ceph-volume Bug #43209 (Resolved): When presented a 'dm' c-v should not be recognised if it's a ceph member
Seems to be fixed in 15.2.9


04:39 PM rgw Feature #49227 (New): rgw: register daemon in service map with more details
It will be nice to identify the rgw in Ceph's service map with more details and accuracy.
Today, we only display the...


12:58 PM RADOS Feature #47766 (New): crushtool compile support from json crush map
When programmatically manipulating a CRUSH map, json is often used, unfortunately, "crushtool" does not support compi...


01:52 PM ceph-volume Bug #47010 (Resolved): 'ceph-volume raw prepare' fails to prepare because ceph-osd cannot acquire...
'ceph-volume raw' fails to prepare the osd because the ceph-osd cannot acquire a lock on it.
Error example:


03:52 PM Ceph Bug #46670 (New): refuse to remove mon from the monmap if the mon is in quorum
Before accepting to remove the mon when "ceph mon remove" is used, we must not acknowledge the request if the mon is ...

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