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04:29 PM ceph-volume Feature #25016: allow to scan a vg/lv
Can I assign this one too to myself?
04:28 PM ceph-volume Bug #36728: ceph-volume does not respect $PATH
Can I assign this to myself if there's been no attempt to fix it yet?
04:22 PM ceph-volume Bug #38581: ceph-volume: chown -R on every activating
Do we need to get this done? If so, I'll go ahead and assign it to myself.
04:21 PM ceph-volume Bug #38044: implement --version flag
If what is being requested on "tracker issue #37082": is sane/appropriate/right,...
01:03 PM ceph-volume Bug #38279: ceph-volume should be able to work without ceph.conf
Oops, I've been working on this for few hours.
I'll look for something else. @Jan Setting "Assignee" to you.
08:44 AM ceph-volume Bug #36240: /dev/disk/by-id fails in batch
Is this issue resolved since the corresponding PR has been merged?
08:39 AM ceph-volume Bug #38290: py2/py3 incompatibilities with set()
Perhaps we should close this ticket since "PR #26399": has merged?


05:21 AM Ceph Revision a83ea849 (ceph): qa/cephfs: make run_shell() accept args as str too
Signed-off-by: Rishabh Dave <>
05:21 AM Ceph Revision 07688b96 (ceph): qa/ ignores when source and destination are same
put_file() in should ignore the error when source and
destination paths supplied are same, since sou...
05:21 AM Ceph Revision d94a42dc (ceph): test_cephfs_shell: add a test for cd with arguments
Add a method to test that the cd command changes the current working
directory to the path passed as an argument to i...

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