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04:51 PM Ceph Bug #49830: disk failure prediction doesn't display prediction for all disks
Hi Denis,
Thanks for reporting this.
Can you please specify what commands you ran in order to enable the diskp...


06:24 PM rbd Bug #49558 (New): make check: (Failed)
When running `make check` on:


04:12 AM Orchestrator Tasks #47369: Ceph scales to 100's of hosts, 1000's of OSDs....can orchestrator?
There was an issue with bucket aggregation in the heatmap panel, so instead of 7 clusters with 4,096 - 5,792 OSDs eac...
03:12 AM mgr Cleanup #48055: mgr/telemetry: enable static type checks
Just for reference, if we decide to backport this, we need to make sure to include this typo fix:


10:54 PM mgr Bug #49349 (Resolved): mgr/telemetry: check if 'ident' channel is active before compiling reports
When compiling the telemetry reports we check for active channels.
The 'ident' channel check was missing, hence even...


12:29 AM RADOS Bug #48990: rados/dashboard: Health check failed: Telemetry requires re-opt-in (TELEMETRY_CHANGED...
Trying to reproduce the issue:


10:20 PM mgr Bug #44948: Module 'diskprediction_local' has failed: No module named 'sklearn' - ceph docker v15
I emailed scikit-learn maintainer (Sergio Pasra), asking if he can maintain EPEL (7 and 8) versions.
Once the packag...
03:09 PM Ceph Documentation #48762: Dev Guide: Integration Tests Section -- teuthology links broken
Hi Zac,
There is an open PR to enhance teuthology's developer guide:
We ...


11:07 PM RADOS Documentation #48420 (In Progress): Add guidelines regarding introducing new dependencies to Ceph
This should help developers better understand the consequences of introducing new dependencies to the project.


10:16 PM Orchestrator Feature #44856 (In Progress): telemetry: report orch backend
Not at the moment, thanks.
Let me know please in case there is additional data to gather.

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