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02:32 PM rgw Bug #52800 (Duplicate): OSD down make all the RGW crashed and cluster unavailable with production...
Changing status to 'Duplicate' to match this issue's 'Duplicates' relation.


05:58 PM RADOS Bug #52162: crash: int MonitorDBStore::apply_transaction(MonitorDBStore::TransactionRef): abort
Hey Josh,
This issue is marked as 'Duplicate', but it does not have a 'duplicates' relation, but a 'relates to' on...


12:46 AM mgr Bug #52327 (Fix Under Review): Module 'devicehealth' has failed: can't subtract offset-naive and ...
Thanks for reporting this, Benno and Harry.
The issue was caused due to a missing timezone in one of the objects.


03:13 PM RADOS Bug #52707: mixed pool types reported via telemetry
So far there are 6 clusters reporting this:


05:24 PM RADOS Bug #52707 (New): mixed pool types reported via telemetry
In telemetry reports there are clusters with pools of type `replicated` with erasure_code_profile defined, for exampl...


07:53 PM RADOS Bug #50657: smart query on monitors
Thanks. Are there mons on dedicated nodes or devices in your cluster configuration?
> Do you have a bug number for...
05:12 PM RADOS Bug #52416 (New): devices: mon devices appear empty when scraping SMART metrics
When invoking smartctl on mon devices, the device name is empty:...
03:31 PM mgr Bug #51554: mgr/devicehealth: health warning caused by AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no a...
Thanks, Robert, Stefan, for reporting this.
This seems like a nonstandard output of smartctl command.
Can you p...


01:20 PM Ceph Revision 7ca39fa9 (ceph): rpm, debian: move smartmontools and nvme-cli to ceph-base
We wish to be able to scrape SMART and NVMe metrics from OSD and MON
nodes. For this we require / recommend smartmont...
04:00 AM RADOS Bug #50657 (Fix Under Review): smart query on monitors
This fixes the missing sudoers file in mon nodes:
We'll address the fix f...

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