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02:48 AM Ceph Bug #15781: No scrub information available for pg 0.8
I might have just hit this bug on a real cluster. A disk was gently failing, generating read errors which resulted in... Matthew Roy


12:26 PM Ceph Bug #4816 (Can't reproduce): Monitor crashed with signal Aborted in MMonSubscribe::~MMonSubscribe()
This crash occurred on a non-leader (b) while the leader (a) was experiencing some kind of a memory leak and all mons... Matthew Roy


07:45 AM Ceph Bug #3495: ceph-mon crash
This has been stable for me for >24-hours. I think you've got it. Thanks for all your help! Matthew Roy
06:43 AM Ceph Bug #4723: FAILED assert(!db->create_and_open(std::cerr)) after IO Error.
This should probably be closed with can't reproduce. Now that the cluster is healthy I'm not able to produce the same... Matthew Roy


06:06 PM Ceph Bug #3495: ceph-mon crash
After running for a few hours the monitors are not dying! I think you might have got it. I'll update this after it ru... Matthew Roy
09:14 AM Ceph Bug #3495: ceph-mon crash
Is the gitbuilder build from that WIP branch fairly safe to test until 0.61 (or will using it horrifically break the ... Matthew Roy
09:22 AM Ceph Bug #4723: FAILED assert(!db->create_and_open(std::cerr)) after IO Error.
In that case, maybe the real problem is that the init script didn't kill the other process, this output came from run... Matthew Roy


11:24 AM Ceph Bug #4723 (Can't reproduce): FAILED assert(!db->create_and_open(std::cerr)) after IO Error.
VERY low priority.
Top of console output is below:...
Matthew Roy
09:46 AM CephFS Bug #4722 (Can't reproduce): kernel BUG at fs/ceph/caps.c:1006 invalid opcode: 0000
Top of Call trace:... Matthew Roy


06:37 AM CephFS Bug #4696 (Duplicate): MDS Crashes with Segmentation fault near Objecter::handle_osd_op_reply
Limited logs at Matthew Roy

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