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10:27 AM RADOS Bug #66157 (Fix Under Review): DENC_START in decode mode does not care for compat
Module denc (denc.h) is an evolution of encoding module (encoding.h).
It is more tuned to the encoding task and fast...
Adam Kupczyk


09:01 AM CephFS Bug #62501: pacific(?): qa: mgr-osd-full causes OSD aborts due to ENOSPC (fs/full/
The bug is caused by difference is behaviour of BlueFS.
This PR is the final trigger:
Adam Kupczyk


01:42 PM bluestore Bug #63769 (Pending Backport): ObjectStore/StoreTestSpecificAUSize.SyntheticMatrixSharding/1 is failing when using bitmap allocator
Adam Kupczyk


10:13 AM bluestore Bug #63769: ObjectStore/StoreTestSpecificAUSize.SyntheticMatrixSharding/1 is failing when using bitmap allocator
Problem is replicated by:
./bin/ceph_test_objectstore --gtest_filter=\*SyntheticMatrixSharding/1 --bluestore_allocat...
Adam Kupczyk


11:26 AM bluestore Bug #63769: ObjectStore/StoreTestSpecificAUSize.SyntheticMatrixSharding/1 is failing when using bitmap allocator
Replicated, verified. Adam Kupczyk


04:43 PM bluestore Bug #63618: Allocator configured with 64K alloc unit might get 4K requests
PR "os/bluestore: enable 4K allocation unit for BlueFS"
was created with cas...
Adam Kupczyk


07:36 PM bluestore Bug #63436 (Pending Backport): Typo in reshard example
I missed the fact that "o"->"O" should be done too.
Adam Kupczyk
03:33 PM bluestore Bug #63353: resharding RocksDB after upgrade to Pacific breaks OSDs
It is a bug. Same prefix can be inserted twice and it confuses the tool.
It should be fixed.
Please try to resh...
Adam Kupczyk


07:49 PM bluestore Bug #62730 (New): ceph-bluestore-tool reshard broken
It is possible to specify same prefix twice. Here an example with "p" defined twice.
ceph-bluestore-tool --path /v...
Adam Kupczyk


03:18 PM bluestore Bug #61953 (Won't Fix): bluestore: bluestore slow latency report when rocksdb compaction
Its normal behaviour for BlueStore to be a bit slower when compacting. Adam Kupczyk

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