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09:41 AM mgr Bug #39290: Nautilus predictor does not work in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - smartctl doesn't support JSON output
same invalid json error with smartmontools 7.0
"20200102-035713": {
Horace Ng


08:37 AM Ceph Backport #24714: luminous: Add option to view IP addresses of clients in output of 'ceph features'
still cannot view the IP address after upgrade to 12.2.8
[root@ceph0 ~]# ceph -v
ceph version 12.2.8 (ae699615bac...
Horace Ng


04:18 AM RADOS Feature #36187 (New): Crush rule ssd-primary should take previous emit result into consideration
The document entry "PLACING DIFFERENT POOLS ON DI...
Horace Ng


03:07 AM RADOS Bug #24264: ssd-primary crush rule not working as intended
Sorry, here's my updated rule instead of the one in the document.
rule ssd-primary {
id 2
type r...
Horace Ng
03:05 AM RADOS Bug #24264 (Closed): ssd-primary crush rule not working as intended
I've set up the rule according to the doc, but some of the PGs are still being assigned to the same host though my fa... Horace Ng


07:47 AM rgw Bug #13635: radosgw duplicate email address
I would like to know the reasoning behind email address being unique. I understand that uid need to be unique, howeve... Horace Ng

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