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08:03 AM RADOS Bug #26880: ceph-base debian package compiled on ubuntu/xenial has unmet runtime dependencies
Full info for ceph-base package:...
08:00 AM RADOS Bug #26880: ceph-base debian package compiled on ubuntu/xenial has unmet runtime dependencies
Tried on fresh Ubuntu 16.04 vm to build Ceph packages for master branch, resulting .debs still depend on libstdc++6 (...


06:53 AM Ceph Revision ef3de76c (ceph): common/ faster object name generation
This is revival of my commit 42d81bffc4d57bceb98872dadc8e57400981588c
that was partially reverted in 0aa29f37658211c6...


01:46 PM Ceph Revision 5c7a70e7 (ceph): cls: build cls_otp only WITH_RADOSGW
Build fails if WITH_RADOSGW=OFF and there's no liboath or liboath
version is incompatible with currently installed in...


12:29 PM RADOS Feature #22448 (Resolved): Visibility for snap trim queue length
Already merged to master, luminous and jewel.
12:28 PM RADOS Backport #22449 (Resolved): jewel: Visibility for snap trim queue length


10:02 AM Ceph Revision 65da5ba2 (ceph): log: disk write coalescing
When loglevel is high enough to produce tons of events per second,
sub-sector sized writes are one of bottleneck. Fix...


09:45 AM Ceph Revision ba667c98 (ceph): test/bufferlist: append_zero assumptioins change
bufferlist::append_zero is no longer required to add new bufferptr.
Signed-off-by: Piotr Dałek <
07:06 AM Ceph Revision 8f14b5ae (ceph): bluestore/BlueFS: prevent fragmented bufferlists in log writes
Instead of adding new bufferptrs into log writer's bufferlist,
encode required data using single, pre-aligned bufferp...


08:20 AM Ceph Revision 01134da2 (ceph): buffer: rework list::append_zero
Instead of blindly adding new bufferptrs, try to memset the remaining
space in append_buffer and try appending that p...

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