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01:45 PM rgw Backport #40591 (Resolved): nautilus: rgw: deleting bucket can fail when it contains unfinished m...


01:36 PM rgw Feature #41080: rgw: break up user reset-stats into multiple cls ops
Thank you, Josh. That's very helpful info.


07:09 PM rgw Feature #41143 (Pending Backport): rgw: housekeeping of reset stats operation in radosgw-admin an...
Made error messages more consistent.
In radosgw-admin error out when --reset-stats was used in conjunction with --...


08:58 PM rgw Feature #41080: rgw: break up user reset-stats into multiple cls ops
Comments to this tracker are invited.
08:57 PM rgw Feature #41080 (New): rgw: break up user reset-stats into multiple cls ops
Currently when a user requests the reset of user stats via radosgw-admin, a single write op is sent to the OSD holdin...


11:34 PM rgw Bug #40393 (Pending Backport): Lifecycle expiration action generates delete marker continuously
11:32 PM rgw Bug #40587 (Pending Backport): rgw: fix drain handles error when deleting bucket with bypass-gc o...
10:35 PM rgw Bug #40872 (Pending Backport): rgw: when usring radosgw-admin to list bucket, can set --max-entri...
10:32 PM rgw Bug #37531 (Testing): RGW Swift metadata dropped after S3 bucket versioning enabled
This passed my QA and I merged the PR.
Marcus, Casey, Matt -- Can you add a target version and whether any backpor...
07:11 PM rgw Feature #41051 (New): rgw: push rgw bucket listing with prefixes and delimiters logic/filtering t...
This is a suggestion from Paul Emmerich on the ceph-users mailing list....
Common prefixes could filtered in the ...

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