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04:38 PM Ceph Revision 4487d13c (ceph): Allow float value by allowing . in input value
Dont bail out if the input value happens to be .
Fixes: #11620
Signed-off-by: Rajesh Nambiar <rajesh.n@msystechnolog...
Rajesh Nambiar


06:40 AM Ceph Revision fb51175a (ceph): TestCase: Change in testcase output
For the local sanity test to pass this change is needed as the output message changes.
Signed-off-by: Rajesh Nambiar...
Rajesh Nambiar
06:39 AM Ceph Revision b15f6d02 (ceph): Fix to some of the command line parsing (including rbd)
Fix#: 2862
Changes to some of the common files for command line parsing
Change to
Rajesh Nambiar
06:31 AM Ceph Revision b0172d87 (ceph): rbd: create command throws inappropriate error messages
Fixes: #2862
Changes related to rbd file
Changes to
Change 1: line# 2744 to 2747
If the...
Rajesh Nambiar


03:00 PM Ceph Bug #11220 (Rejected): Ceph Clis should return better error codes, by which one can identify the issue
I believe the beauty and power of the CLIs lies in the fact that how well it can be used with the scripts to make so... Rajesh Nambiar

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