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  • RADOS (Manager, Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 06/07/2017)
  • bluestore (Manager, Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 11/29/2017)
  • ceph-volume (Developer, Reporter, 11/13/2018)
  • Messengers (Manager, Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 03/12/2019)
  • Orchestrator (Manager, Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 01/16/2020)



09:53 PM rgw Bug #45667 (Fix Under Review): [rfe] rgw: add lifecycle perfcounters
09:42 PM rgw Bug #45667 (Fix Under Review): [rfe] rgw: add lifecycle perfcounters
Historically, RGW lifecycle processing has not provided perfcounters. A single expire counter was added in recent pa...


01:27 PM rgw Feature #45568: Swift Extract Archive Operation
Hi Martin,
I'm not sure why it's not documented, but I believe the bulk-upload/extract-archive Swift op is impleme...


02:11 PM rgw Bug #45033: S3 multipart copy broken by multi tenant
Asbjørn Sannes wrote:
> If I try to use the tentant in the bucket name then I get an error (both when creating a buc...


01:07 PM rgw Feature #41080 (Fix Under Review): rgw: break up user reset-stats into multiple cls ops


02:13 PM rgw Bug #44268: multisite/lc: lc doesn't run in the slave
Hi @IlsooByun I think this is a valid improvement, but I think we need to handle the special case where we are syncin...


04:05 PM sepia Support #44870: Sepia Lab Access Request
Prasad is an upstream contributor, Adam!


04:47 PM rgw Documentation #44773 (New): rgw: document signed urls in feature support (/radosgw/s3/)
The current features matrix does not mention signed URLs. Nothing the documentation mentions them elsewhere either.


12:10 PM sepia Support #44462: Sepia Lab Access Request
Hi Adam,
Yes, Kalpesh is an intern working for my team in BLR.


12:48 PM rgw Feature #42409: Add cls_queue and cls_rgw_gc for omap offload
I dont think this feature is planned for upstream nautilus.

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