Dong Yuan





08:33 AM Ceph Revision 87ef4620 (ceph): rgw: format mtime of radosgw-admin bucket stats
use formatter.dump_stream to format mtime
Change-Id: Ib1747b5389e29a4c5ab0499fcdb8cbaa926ae30c
Signed-off-by: Dong Y...


09:17 PM Ceph Revision b1b299d3 (ceph): osd: revert d427ca35404a30e1f428859c3274e030f2f83ef6
d427ca35404a30e1f428859c3274e030f2f83ef6 reversed the order of localt
and op_t, while some logic depends on the order...
09:17 PM Ceph Revision 46347fcc (ceph): osd: Transction::append SHOULD NOT modify other.op_bl
the other.op_bl SHOULD NOT be changes during append operation,
we use additional bufferlist to avoid this problem


09:29 PM Ceph Revision 0354305d (ceph): osd: fix Transaction::get_data_offset bug when map layout used
add following offset:
sizeof(__u8) + // encode struct_v
sizeof(__u8) + // encode compat_v
09:29 PM Ceph Revision fda60197 (ceph): osd: add feature CEPH_FEATURE_OSD_TRANSACTION_MAY_LAYOUT (1ULL<<47)>>)
This feature determine whether we use tbl encode for transaction of use
the new map layout.
The primary uses peer_fe...
09:29 PM Ceph Revision 5da6b41f (ceph): osd: build fields for Transaction::iterator when tbl is used
When tbl is used (for compatibility), the Transaction::begin method need
to build all fields used by iterator. That i...
09:29 PM Ceph Revision d427ca35 (ceph): osd: Transaction::append & Transaction::swap
Finish append and swap for new Transaction encode/decode layout.
Since append will modify the op_bl now, we changed ...
09:29 PM Ceph Revision 6b2103b7 (ceph): osd: new Transaction::iterator interface
This patch add new Transaction::iterator interface according to new
encode/decode layout. The new iterator give the w...
09:29 PM Ceph Revision a4575d10 (ceph): osd: add encode/deocde impl for new layout
When use_tbl is true, Transaction::encode will give the same result as
before, while when use_tbl is false, Transacti...
09:29 PM Ceph Revision 3db4f696 (ceph): osd: new format for Transaction encode/decode
This patch add a new fixed size struct Transaction::Op to represent
all actions.
All coll and ghobject used by the t...

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