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01:27 PM RADOS Feature #41650 (New): Convert between EC profiles online
Users have repeatedly voiced the need to convert/modify an EC profile while the cluster was running, in response to c...


08:16 PM mgr Bug #41015 (New): mgr/balancer: does not account for 2x sized PGs
For pg_num not in 2^n, ceph_stable_mod (see
07:32 AM mgr Feature #41005 (New): mgr/dashboard: Suggest enabling newly supported features
The dashboard should recommend enabling features/functions that the Ceph community deems generally beneficial, but th...


01:13 PM mgr Feature #40983 (Rejected): mgr/dashboard: Warn when setting pg_num to not-a-power-of-two
Setting pg_num to a value that is not a power of two can (and likely will) cause significant data imbalance in the cl...


09:51 AM sepia Support #40812: Sepia Lab Access Request
Thanks, this works fine!


08:32 AM sepia Support #40812 (Resolved): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
Just VPN access for now.
2) Desired U...


10:17 PM RADOS Bug #40791: high variance in pg size
This is Luminous, 12.2.12 by now.
Balancing on bytes (reweight-by-utilization) was unable to resolve the issue pre...


10:07 AM RADOS Backport #38850: upgrade: 1 nautilus mon + 1 luminous mon can't automatically form quorum
Agreed, my expectation would be that we can maintain quorum during the entire upgrade period. Even discounting OS upg...


04:22 PM ceph-volume Bug #37590: api.vgcreate uses a PE size of 1G
I agree, a 1GiB size for extents doesn't make a lot of sense; that it makes reading LVM2 output easier to read when l...


08:40 PM bluestore Bug #36455: BlueStore: ENODATA not fully handled
The code appears identical in master.
For this particular case, especially during scrub, we know our local copy is...

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