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01:38 PM Ceph Revision fd977773 (ceph): cephadm: skip podman check during `rm-repo`
allow the `rm-repo` command to succeed when podman is not installed
Signed-off-by: Michael Fritch <>


02:16 PM Ceph Revision 6d18759b (ceph): cephadm: (re)add command argv logging
introduced by 81a7df0498d and inadvertently removed by 3afec2ab30c
02:15 PM Ceph Revision 2f148289 (ceph): cephadm: add thread ident to log messages
can be used to filter msgs from a specific cephadm command
02:07 PM Orchestrator Bug #52484 (Fix Under Review): cephadm: add thread ident to log messages
sample output of multiple async cephadm calls with thread ident:...
02:01 PM Orchestrator Bug #52484 (Pending Backport): cephadm: add thread ident to log messages
log lines for multiple calls async calls to bin/cephadm are intermingled within the /var/lib/ceph/cephadm.log file
12:17 PM Ceph Revision 20d305bc (ceph): mgr/cephadm: run coroutines in a new event loop
`` does not exist until python37 or later
Signed-off-by: Michael Fritch <>


04:52 PM Ceph Revision 672ce99b (ceph): mgr/cephadm: add asyncmock to python venv
for running unittests on python <= 3.8
Signed-off-by: Michael Fritch <>


01:21 PM Ceph Revision 44aee339 (ceph): cephadm: show podman version during `check-host`
Signed-off-by: Michael Fritch <>
01:21 PM Ceph Revision 4d5694a9 (ceph): cephadm: avoid unhandled `AttributeError`
when docker/podman are not present
Signed-off-by: Michael Fritch <mfrit...
01:20 PM Ceph Revision dac92250 (ceph): mgr/cephadm: show unhandled exceptions during `host add`
138700e59bcd assumes stderr will always have a line containing the
prefix 'ERROR', which leads to an empty error reas...

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