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03:01 PM ceph-volume Bug #43209: When presented a 'dm' c-v should not be recognised if it's a ceph member
I don't think it should recognize it, and this ticket doesn't explain why it should. The batch and lvm commands requi...


12:51 PM ceph-volume Bug #42681 (Resolved): allow skipping calls to restorecon
master PR


02:04 PM ceph-volume Bug #42681 (Resolved): allow skipping calls to restorecon
ceph-volume blindly calls restorecon regardless if SELinux is enabled or not. To address this problem, ceph-volume sh...


05:19 PM Ceph Bug #42596: Linker segfaults in Jenkins build on Intel and ARM
Attempting a fix at


02:43 PM ceph-volume Bug #37946 (Rejected): ceph-volume simple scan: AttributeError:
Without seeing the full traceback (either with CEPH_VOLUME_DEBUG=1 or from the logs) we can't really understand what ...
02:24 PM ceph-volume Bug #40619 (Closed): tests: reboots on Xenial+dmcrypt are slow, tests fail
Master no longer tests Xenial and we haven't seen this in a while (plus I was never able to replicate). Going to clos...
02:23 PM ceph-volume Bug #37675 (Resolved): tests: some functional tests are not setup correctly for filestore
02:16 PM ceph-volume Bug #41378 (Resolved): ceph-ansible fails to auto-install the apt module, breaks tests
12:14 PM ceph-volume Bug #42484 (Resolved): remove xenial tests from master


06:45 PM ceph-volume Bug #41374 (Can't reproduce): journal size can't be overridden with --journal-size when using --j...
I tried replicating this issue without success:...

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