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04:49 PM ceph-volume Bug #41378 (New): ceph-ansible fails to auto-install the apt module, breaks tests
This doesn't happen all the time, and I've not been able to replicate. At the very least we should export the environ...


10:55 AM ceph-volume Bug #38581: ceph-volume: chown -R on every activating
The thing is that it isn't just a single thing that may cause a permissions issue, it didn't take much digging to com...


07:29 PM mgr Bug #37999: 500 - Internal Server Error The server encountered an unexpected condition which prev...
Re-opening per IRC user jenglisch. Had to remove the tag to re-open it.
07:29 PM mgr Bug #37999 (New): 500 - Internal Server Error The server encountered an unexpected condition whic...
02:08 PM ceph-volume Bug #38581: ceph-volume: chown -R on every activating
How much is "a lot of time" ? The chowning wasn't put into place for the upgrade the ticket describes, ceph-volume wa...


07:35 PM ceph-volume Feature #25016: allow to scan a vg/lv
I think that anything that is un-assigned or assigned to me, feel free to re-assign to yourself, but I would do that ...


03:10 PM ceph-volume Feature #36603: Allow loop device as a LVM backend
ceph-volume should not concentrate on non-production criteria. Testing, and development on loop devices should be up ...


02:09 PM ceph-volume Bug #38548: ceph-volume prints errors to stdout with --format json
This is going to be a bit more involved... this function is missing the stderr default:...


05:53 PM ceph-volume Bug #41012: manually specifying an unused osd id fails
Might be related (or duplicate of)
12:21 PM ceph-volume Bug #40987 (Need Review): simple: when 'type' file is not present activate fails
master PR

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