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03:05 PM Orchestrator Bug #44587: failed to write 34473 to cgroup.procs:
When testing agent


02:24 PM Ceph Revision b5091630 (ceph): mgr/cephadm: make scheduler able to accomodate offline/maintenance hosts
Signed-off-by: Adam King <>
(cherry picked from commit...


04:51 PM Ceph Revision 92c0039f (ceph): mgr/cephadm: don't fail unit tests if can't import AsyncMock
AsyncMock was added in python 3.8. We don't want unit tests to
be failing if somebody tries running them with pytohn ...


02:32 PM Ceph Revision 90637d36 (ceph): mgr/cephadm: make return message for entering maintenance mode more exp...
Signed-off-by: Adam King <>
(cherry picked from commit 8b3493e5513b98ae4480323e2b6ac6e1ce8d257a)
02:32 PM Ceph Revision a40d5233 (ceph): mgr/cephadm: don't return hosts in offline_hosts set as schedulable
we are only checking for host status here but we
should also be checking the offline_hosts set
Signed-off-by: Adam K...
02:32 PM Ceph Revision d2df9d3f (ceph): mgr/cephadm: fix unit test for don't touch offline hosts
We use an offline_hosts set for marking offline hosts
rather than the host status so changing this unit test
to refle...
02:32 PM Ceph Revision 5f339b2c (ceph): mgr/cephadm: stop removal of daemons from offline hosts
This check was only looking for the status of the
host and not looking at the offline_hosts set so
it wasn't actually...
02:32 PM Ceph Revision b985d6cb (ceph): cephadm: don't fail hard on SameFileError during shutil.copy
Signed-off-by: Adam King <>
(cherry picked from commit...
02:32 PM Ceph Revision 4df6c4a7 (ceph): mgr/cephadm: Don't allow stopping full mgr, mon or osd services
I can't think of any case where we would want to allow this


08:21 PM Orchestrator Bug #51027 (In Progress): monmap drops rebooted mon if deployed via label

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