HOWTO announce a release

Cut Packages

  • Alfredo announces to QA Lead, Project Lead & Release manager once the final packages are cut

Draft and Merge Release Notes PR

  • Release manager to create the release notes by submitting a patch to doc/releases/<named_branch>.rst as a PR targeting the master branch
    • Release notes are generated using the script src/script/ceph-release-notes
    • Make manual corrections to components as much as possible in the release notes for easier tracking.

Blog Post

  • Once the PR with the patch to doc/releases/<named_branch>.rst is merged, and the right urls are checked, do a blog post on with the correct links. Procedure:
    • In the PR, issue "jenkins render docs" command to get a HTML render of the release notes.
    • Login to WordPress management interface for the blog ->
    • In WordPress, start a new Post, and go into "Code Editor" (note: the "Code Editor" is very well hidden - it is accessed by clicking on a vertical row of three small dots at the extreme upper right - just under the place where WordPress says "Howdy" to you)
    • In the browser tab where you are browsing the rendered release notes, click on "Releases" and navigate to the new release. Tell the browser to display the page source. Copy-paste the HTML source code of the release notes into the WordPress Code Editor.
    • Change the "Category" of the post from "Community" to "Release", and optionally add a "release" tag as well.
    • Save the blog post as a draft, and possibly ask others to review it prior to publishing
    • Once the packages are cut and the PR with the release notes is approved and merged, click the "Publish" button in WordPress to publish the blog post. The URL should look like this:
    • Also update the "Latest Ceph" tarball link on

Email to mailing lists

  • Make a text-only version of the release notes, based on the merged release notes PR and omitting the Changelog (unless it is just a few lines). Instead of the full Changelog, the email can say, e.g.: "For a detailed changelog please refer to the official release notes entry at the Ceph blog:"
  • At the end of the email, include a section that says:
Getting Ceph

* Git at git://
* Tarball at
* For packages, see
* Release git sha1: d555a9489eb35f84f2e1ef49b77e19da9d113972


  • Inform the Ceph Community Manager about the release so that @ceph tweets the release