Bug #56483

Updated by Jos Collin 7 months ago

perf stats doesn't get the client info w.r.t filesystems created after running the perf stats command once with existing filesystems.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Run vstart without any filesystem.
2. Run `./bin/ceph mgr module enable stats` and then run `watch ./bin/ceph fs perf stats` in another terminal.
3. Create a filesystem fs1 --> `./bin/ceph fs volume create fs1` and mount it
4. Check the perf stats output(watch), we will get to see the data/clients related to fs1
5. Create another filesystem fs2 --> `./bin/ceph fs volume create fs2` and mount it
6. Check the perf stats output(watch), we won't see the new fs2 related data/clients.

This was first noticed here: