Feature #47138

Updated by Ernesto Puerta over 2 years ago

The table-in-table pattern replaced the previous bottom-page details. The table-in-table approach improves contextualization of info, as the data displayed in the details section is close to the main item selected.

It could also server for simultaneously opening details from multiple main items. However this behaviour is explicitly disabled.

Additionally, it introduces lots of (unevenly useful) information and forces intense scrolling for browsing the page, as it can be seen below:

!{width: 33%}table_in_table.gif! !table_in_table.gif!

Alternative approaches would be reducing the data set displayed to the essential:

h3. "Expandable Data table":

!{width: 33%}expandable-data-table.png!

h3. "Master Detail":

!{width: 33%}side_detail.gif!