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h3. Intro

This is review of a bunch of tools suitable for documenting the code. This is aimed at complementing the existing doc sources:
* Ceph docs (doc/mgr/dashboard.rst): user focus
* README: user focus
* HACKING.rst: dev focus (introductory)
* Swagger API docs: dev focus (as long as API is not meant to be consumed externally).

Some missing doc areas would be:
* Architecture docs
* Implementation docs

Both things may be covered with doc generators (Doxygen, Sphinx, etc). Due to the diversity of languages we may find:
* **General purpose doc generators**
** "**Sphinx**": is extensively used in Ceph docs. Sphinx has support for JS by means of external libraries (not specifically TS or Angular): "sphinx-js":
* **Language-specific generatos**:
** "**Compodoc**": is an Angular focused tool for auto-doc'ing.

h3. Compodoc