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Improved documentation of common RADOS GW procedures

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I have executed the Rados GW procedures as documented. I have successfully connected to the S3 interface, so I know that at least to that extent I have followed the documentation correctly. I then tried to create a new ID for the swift interface. I followed the steps to make a sub-user and to also create a swift key. These were 2 very simple steps. I was unable to connect to the Swift interface. I can't really tell you what is missing there, but I am at the end of the documentation.

It seems that there are no additional troubleshooting steps.

I was unable to find a method for listing all of the user information. I did find a way to look at individual users, but on a large cluster I might not know all of the user IDs.

Finally, there is no information that I can find to tell me where things like the user directory are stored and implemented. Does Rados keep a database or are the users maintained in a file. Are they maintained in a compiled format like the crushmaps?


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I should have added that the text above is actually not from myself, but this is feedback from a production user.

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