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Feature #1485: rgw: support google storage api
Feature #4151: Add transparent header support
Tasks #4154: gather configuration files for non-Apache RGW deployments
Feature #4343: rgw: multisite: metadata push notifications
Feature #4511: RGW: Reject requests containing invalid characters.
Feature #5169: Do not list swift containers when enumerating buckets using S3 API
Feature #5218: rgw: make bucket removal "atomic"
Feature #5611: rgw: swift GET request for object with custom metadata should show custom metadata
Feature #6747: PowerDNS backend for RGW bucket directing
Bug #6760: rgw incompatible with gsutil, authorization signature wrongly computed
Feature #7990: RGW: Ldap Integration
Feature #8987: rgw: data sync for multipart upload
Feature #9004: rgw: multi-site: multi-master
Feature #9436: qa: cosbench in rgw test suite
Feature #9933: rgw: implement S3 RR (reduced redundancy) API
Feature #11390: rgw: sync: keep state of bucket run-through
Feature #11391: rgw: sync: use data log for sync schedule
Feature #11392: rgw: sync: propagate source zone to sync copy commands
Feature #11935: rgw: create immutable metadata objects
Feature #12124: radosgw-admin command to configure realm, period
Bug #12423: radosgw-admin --help doesn't show -k option
Feature #12607: rgw:multisite: build metadata indexes for full sync
Feature #12907: rgw: support object storage-class
Bug #13095: rgw: MDlog will not output correctly
Feature #13277: rgw: prototype sts implementation
Feature #13479: rgw: configuration backward compatibility
Feature #13480: rgw: multi site error logs
Bug #13514: RGW Swift API: response for GET/HEAD on Swift's DLO returns wrong ETag
Bug #14105: adminops subuser specify S3 keys
Bug #14160: rgw:add a new error message for access-key conflict when using Admin Ops
Bug #15226: spawned rgw instances do not create pid files
Bug #15882: rgw: GC is not working for __shadow and __multipart objects
Bug #16736: rgw: a bucket with non-empty tenant can't link to specified user
Bug #18230: rgw: ERROR: got unexpected error when trying to read object: -2
Bug #18292: multisite: improved consistency model for requests forwarded to meta master
Bug #18585: librgw: ensure clean shutdown after abnormal startup
Bug #18592: radosgw/teuthology/ssl: 30 s3-tests fail with https.
Bug #18620: rgw should provide ALLOC_HINT_FLAG_INCOMPRESSIBLE when writing compressed/encrypted data
Bug #19042: rgw: multiple zonegroups: bucket can't be created if the user name isn't registered on master zone in master zonegroup
Bug #20066: rgw_admin:change the owner of a bucket, and the stats don't decline from the old user
Bug #20166: RGW: Bad error handling when tail object is missing
Feature #20496: Support x-amz-replication-status for multisite
Bug #20794: rgw: the TempURL implementation, in case of auth failure, returns 403 instead of 401
Bug #20800: rgw: TempAUTH should respest frontend's prefix parameter when constructing X-Storage-Location
Bug #20802: rgw multisite: clean up deleted bucket instance and index objects
Bug #20862: rgw: RadosGW lacks support for Swift's ContainerTempurl
Bug #20946: rgw: bulk operations of Swift API don't participate in transfer accounting
Bug #21061: radosgw-admin bucket rm should not call dir_suggest
Bug #21128: do not persist aws-chunked content-encoding
Bug #21169: rgw: wrong error message is returned when deleting non-empty container via Swift API
Bug #21177: --inconsistent-index should work without --bypass-gc
Support #21178: Create Policy for Auto Archive the File with Time Limitation
Bug #21226: Expired Keystone Tokens not removed from Cache
Bug #21564: rgw:Multipart upload may failed when object size is large
Bug #21607: rgw: s3 v4 auth fails teuthology s3-tests: test_object_header_acl_grants test_bucket_header_acl_grants
Bug #21681: Enabling Lifecycle on a bucket, for expiration day=0, getting XML error (should parse and apply policy)
Bug #21708: rgw: civetweb: try get more err info when returning a -EIO
Bug #21800: multisite: avoid writing multipart parts to the bucket index log
Bug #21801: rgw: need to check for meta_mgr->init_oldest_log_period() return status
Bug #22133: RGWRados::gc_aio_operate() ops abandoned on shutdown
Bug #22162: add roles_pool json decode and encode in RGWZoneParams
Bug #22648: rgw: secondary site's lc configuration erased by multisite sync
Bug #22799: multisite: RGWCompletionManager::get_next stuck in cond.wait after going down
Bug #22927: rgw: Location element not returned correctly from Post Upload Object
Bug #23100: admin/metadata/bucket: weird bucket name in listing, cannot fetch
Bug #23182: AWS v2 signature does not cover essential parts of admin API
Bug #23193: multsite use of metadata list pagination
Bug #23264: Server side encryption support for s3 COPY operation
Bug #23284: Librgw rename operation returns operation not permitted
Feature #24144: Adding clock skew warning feature in RGW Multisite sync status
Bug #24594: rgw: RGWPutObjProcessor_Aio::throttle_data not get actual write size
Bug #24775: rgw-multisite: radosgw-admin misreport sync status
Documentation #25061: Wrong figure in multisite documentation
Bug #25116: rgw: no need to check bucket index before rebuilding it
Bug #26835: RGW returns MalformedACLError when user create too many ACL.
Bug #26882: jewel: cls_rgw: avoid undefined iterator access
Bug #27654: Strange behavior of the S3 Get Bucket lifecycle when the Origin header is included in the request
Documentation #35832: Rgw multifactor authentication (MFA) detail documentation guide.
Bug #36235: unable to create users in different tenants with same e-mail address
Bug #36530: Radosgw bucket policy does not work when applying to LDAP user
Bug #36654: librgw not check user max objects
Bug #36670: rgw: es: fix doc dump etag
Bug #37489: RGW does not use SHA-NI extensions if available, could reduce CPU usage by ~66%
Feature #984: rgw: user logging API
Feature #1424: rgw: short-term object version retention policy
Feature #1950: rgw: create S3/Swift ACL interoperability suite
Feature #2229: rgw: functional tests for rgw class
Feature #2490: rgw-admin: only register watch when needed
Feature #2635: benchmark for measuring rgw metadata operations
Tasks #2859: Make add subuser in radosgw-admin idempotent
Feature #3102: rgw: dedup
Feature #3144: Make obsync able to tolerate N failures in migrating a bucket before aborting the bucket
Feature #3153: Add --preserve-basic-acl option to obsync
Feature #3364: rgw: cache objects
Feature #3443: radosgw - Add Log messages to indicate restart, attempt, success and failure
Cleanup #3929: s3-tests: refactor all test_post_* tests
Feature #3973: rgw: Handle requests sent in non-UTC time
Feature #3981: rgw: handle really large buckets
Cleanup #4057: Update Admin API spec with comments
Feature #4224: rgw: unitest to check get object with range > 4MB
Feature #4245: Support some subset of Amazon Identity Management
Feature #4359: Compression by bucket
Feature #4432: Develop plan for multi-user / multi-tenancy
Feature #4761: rgw: swift list containers should get stats asynchronously
Feature #4819: rgw: add a test for #4797
Feature #5073: rgw: create tenant namespace
Feature #5101: teuthology: make test multiple instances
Feature #5126: rgw: identify master region divergence
Feature #5127: rgw: region map versioning
Cleanup #5129: rgw: document RGWRegionMap::update()
Tasks #5144: rgw: incorporate greg's comment to the log objclass
Feature #5153: rgw: usage log trim is unbounded
Feature #5207: rgw: make listing non-standard bucket names through S3 api configurable
Feature #5219: "radosgw-admin user check" should handle non-existent buckets in index
Feature #5350: rgw: copy object metadata should include omap data for object
Feature #5610: rgw: Creating a container with ACL metadata does not retain metadata when using swift API
Support #5632: Unable to use Swift when creating/updating custom container metadata
Feature #5935: rgw: implement IP-based ACL capabilities
Feature #6133: Enhance the validation of JSON passed into radosgw-admin calls
Feature #6135: Add a flag to radosgw-agent indicating whether exceptions should be propagated
Cleanup #6215: rgw: get rid / rename base op class ret value
Feature #6232: rgw: create unitest for is_string_in_set()
Feature #6317: rgw: replace pool creation
Feature #6341: rgw: stress failure testing
Documentation #6566: Improved documentation of common RADOS GW procedures
Feature #7156: rgw: create tests for temp url functionality
Feature #7228: Get RadosGW Federated config and Keystone working nicely
Feature #7791: radosgw-agent should show statistics
Documentation #8073: rgw: document placement_pools
Fix #8210: rgw: bulk deletes are slow
Feature #8316: Ceilometer support for RGW Swift statistics
Feature #8800: Radosgw-agent on
Feature #8929: rgw:support bucket lifecycle
Feature #9400: object versioning: sync agent support
Feature #9433: Support per-user container namespace
Feature #9581: Ability to move objects to a second storage tier based on policy
Feature #9723: Support metering info
Feature #9791: radosgw-agent: report sync delay
Feature #10159: rgw: sync agent support for object versioning
Feature #10320: rgw: ability to configure bucket sharding params in rgw teuthology test suite
Feature #10321: rgw: verify proper tests coverage for bucket sharding
Feature #10646: x-timestamp and x-trans-id metadata for object are not returned by RGW.
Feature #10647: In the last step of Multipart upload, swift API container/object/?multipart-manifest=put creates 'object' but does not combine the data of those segments which are mentioned in data part of curl request
Feature #10648: content-type for object is not getting updated either during object create or update. Head operation always shows content-type as application/octet-stream.
Feature #10664: RGW swift API: Setting x-container-meta-quota-count and x-container-meta-quota-bytes is not supported.
Feature #10696: RGW swift API: Setting x-account-meta-quota-bytes for an account returns "405 Method Not Allowed"
Bug #10708: RGW swift API: POSTing multipart/form-data along with form data does not create object.
Feature #10810: rgw: bucket lifecycle, RESTful api
Feature #10811: rgw: bucket lifecycle, modify bucket info data
Feature #10812: rgw: bucket lifecycle, objclass list bucket index using rules
Feature #10813: rgw: bucket lifecycle, maintain sharded list of buckets
Feature #10815: rgw: bucket lifecycle, service thread
Bug #10850: rgw: radosgw-admin warn when arguments are ignored
Fix #13708: init script doesn't start daemon - errors silently (part 2)
Fix #10953: invalid/wrong values in ceph.conf for rgw sections are ignored silently
Feature #11289: remove Amazon::S3 dependency
Feature #11326: rgw: make MultiDelete faster/parallelized
Feature #11393: rgw: sync: handle multiple sync sources
Feature #11394: rgw: sync: force sync of a bucket (from a specific source)
Feature #11395: rgw: sync: do work concurrently
Tasks #11606: formalize releases of s3-tests
Feature #11971: rgw: implement new zone join command
Feature #11973: rgw: create bootstrap admin commands
Feature #12102: Request for increased logging in RGW, for CivetWeb.
Tasks #12232: radosgw-admin bucket stats give incorrect max_markers when bucket index sharding is enabled.
Feature #12533: rgw: upgrade to civetweb 1.7
Feature #13103: rgw: multisite: keep source zone property on objects
Feature #13105: rgw::amazon id management::sts
Feature #13412: Multi-range get requests support
Feature #16191: rgw:get usage S3 api extend
Bug #13817: RGW does not send HTTP header
Fix #14091: rgw: support json format for admin policy API
Bug #14667: inconsistent container size reported
Bug #14795: test_librgw: build fails on i386
Bug #14819: RadosGW and OpenStack Kilo Keystone's integration fails
Bug #15319: A period commit fails on a secondary zone fails
Bug #15357: Errors in "test_multipart_copy_*" tests in smoke-master-distro-basic-mira
Bug #15446: s3tests multipart tests leak objects: orphan tool claims still linked
Bug #15483: Need an admin-friendly log file to check multisite sync status
Bug #15489: CORS property of bucket can get out of sync with multiple RGWs, caching issue
Bug #15541: teuthology job goes into infinite loop when osd fail to init
Bug #15613: RGW zone allows duplicate zone names
Bug #15881: rgw: radosgw-admin bucket rm fail to delete object that begining with double underscores
Feature #15885: rgw: sync rear cleanup
Bug #16027: Add support for swift bulk delete with POST request
Bug #16033: A file passed to bulk delete request is not being parsed correctly
Bug #16089: Swift bulk-delete does not allow forward slash before a container
Feature #16090: Support for AWS4 authentication hashing in RGW
Bug #16098: client.radosgw.* vs. client.rgw.*; incompabilities and confusion in code and documentation
Bug #16134: s3, multi-tenant, share the link problems
Bug #16143: rgw: concurrent sync on the same object
Feature #16175: rgw: better logging for sync process
Bug #16220: rgw: dir_suggest applies immediately, ignoring tag timeout
Bug #16222: rgw: dir_suggest changes are not recorded in the bucket index log
Feature #16241: support torrent file in ceph
Bug #16285: rgw:modify creation_time for bucket
Bug #16293: Multipart objects are broken when using S3 and SWIFT API at the same time
Bug #16357: radosgw stats error
Bug #16408: Creating Bucket failed and can't be deleted.
Bug #16537: s3tests failed in upgrade:hammer-hammer-distro-basic-openstack
Feature #16582: upload part copy
Bug #16727: s3tests-test-readwrite failed in rados run
Bug #16806: S3 API returns bad Canonical User ID
Bug #16813: "radosgw --show-config" and "radosgw-admin --show-config" do not display current configuration accurately
Bug #16822: Swift API - DLO etag is computed from manifest rather than from etags of segments
Bug #16824: Swift API - DLO manifest cannot be retrieved with 'multipart-manifest=get' query
Bug #16854: the usage log record date is 16 hours later than the real operate time in jewel1 10.2.2 rgw
Bug #16957: NO_SSL_DL is not passed to civetweb during compilation of radosgw
Feature #16971: HTTP Status count for RGW requests
Bug #16995: rgw files can't upload
Bug #17163: Rados object leak
Bug #17175: when setting payer of bucket to Requester, the ceph also could get object by anonymous account.
Feature #17298: rgw: partial mesh
Bug #17369: Fail to show the object's origin size when delete one of the segments uploaded by swift API with static large object
Bug #17398: S3 CreateBucket should issue 409 BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou or 400 IllegalLocationConstraintException for mismatched placement pool
Bug #17401: rgw folder name with underscore (_) problem
Bug #17414: multisite: handle runtime changes to number of mdlog/datalog shards
Feature #17437: rgw: create a tool to remove old bucket index objects
Bug #17438: Building Ceph 10.2.3 without OpenLDAP fails
Bug #17520: Java aws-java-sdk-s3 Signature XAmzContentSHA256Mismatch
Bug #17570: rgw: segfault on shutdown after failure to start meta_sync_processor_thread
Bug #17574: multisite: many duplicate mdlog entries cause race to sync and result in ECANCELED
Bug #17638: radosgw does not gracefully handle errors during initialization
Bug #17632: byte ranges on slo/dlo objects broken in master
Bug #17633: Source Package radosgw file has authentication issues
Bug #17777: Document that erasure pools cannot be used for RGW
Bug #17794: realm pull failure in teuthology with Unknown error 2202
Feature #17795: rgw: provide sync info about pending objects
Bug #17818: The user interface created by S3 does not return a Content-Type
Bug #17907: multisite: unlock failure
Bug #17924: valgrind failures due to leaks of std::string memory in md_config_t
Bug #17975: rgw:can get bucket's location in slave zonegroup,not returned 301
Bug #17987: incorrect entry is removed when a part is upload more than once during multipart-upload
Documentation #18082: documentation still contains region configuration from old multisite
Bug #18090: bootstrap-rgw does not allow creation of keys without write permissions to mons
Bug #18210: rgw: multisite: commit period issue when creating multiple zonegroups
Feature #18228: multisite: trim mdlog as all zones catch up to master zone
Feature #18232: Saving a backpack of zoneparams configuration for multisite/DR
Bug #18260: When uploading a large number of objects constantly, the objects number of bucket is not correct!
Bug #18343: Error responses do not fully conform to AWS spec
Support #18346: rgw:multisite:Why does not the same realm under the multiple zone group metadata synchronization
Bug #18355: when call the multiparts upload API TransferManager.upload() by s3 java API , i got a excepiton 'AmazonS3Exception'
Bug #18359: radosgw Segmentation fault when use swiftclient upload file
Bug #18426: sync fail when upload file after disable versioning
Bug #18437: error log's error code is not right in data sync
Bug #18505: kill nfs-ganesha + rgwfile get segfault
Bug #18517: swift owner could not delete others' objects
Bug #18534: fix-error-when-deleting-null-instance
Bug #18536: fix disk file deleting error caused by versioning delete marker
Bug #18593: radosgw/ssl: sslv3 vs. tls1
Bug #18596: rgw: object owner should not be able to download the obj without container permission in swift API
Feature #18621: rgw: change default chunk size
Feature #18623: rgw: configurable write obj initial window
Support #18741: moving rgw pools to ssd cache
Bug #18880: error code of swift object versioning is not consistent with SWIFT
Feature #18916: support non-current version expiration
Bug #18936: rgw slo manifest: etag and size should be optional
Bug #18939: rgw: versioned object sync inconsistency
Bug #18942: swift ver location owner is not consistent, the object cannot be able to delete
Bug #19008: rgw: adding bucket lifecycle does not work with V4 signature
Bug #19011: rgw: add radosclient finisher to perf counter
Bug #19040: rgw: multiple zonegroups: authorization error to post period
Bug #19041: rgw: multiple zonegroups: asymmetric behavior of creating user account
Bug #19043: rgw: multiple zonegroups: asymmetric behavior of creating bucket on secondary zonegroup
Feature #19052: rgw: multiple zonegroups: support of request redirection to access different zonegroup
Feature #19053: rgw: swift API: support to retrieve manifest for SLO
Feature #19079: RGW Bucket Index cleanup tool needed
Feature #19088: Add support for multipart upload expiration
Bug #19213: GET on SLO Object uploaded without etags and size_bytes keys in manifest fails
Bug #19218: swift static web can not display index.html automatically in sub-directories
Bug #19268: Ceilometer receives NoSuchBucket via Swift API
Bug #19290: radosgw/swift hammer acl weirdness
Bug #19292: radosgw/swift referral acls
Bug #19293: radosgw/swift wildcard acl elements
Support #19305: Master is on a different period
Support #19308: 416 when Docker registry + Swift + rados gatway + ceph/daemon
Bug #19370: rgw: Version id is not returned in get object and get object meta
Bug #19375: Let user control precedence in eventually consistent master-master setup
Feature #19410: radosgw-admin should have an option to show all users' quota and usage
Bug #19411: radosgw-admin create user sometimes shows details of existing user instead of creating a new one / fail with error
Bug #19448: GET bucket policy response format
Feature #19499: rgw: implement support for OS-REVOKE extension of OpenStack Identity API v3
Bug #19507: Can't delete the manifest data of objects
Bug #19509: cannot sync object with underscore by API(RESTFUL API FOR DR GEO-REPLICATION)
Feature #19510: per-object storage class
Bug #19514: rgw: error debug message in rgw_build_bucket_policies() is showed even on success
Tasks #19519: add test for s3 multipart upload expiration
Tasks #19565: Add test case for getting version id in head object request
Bug #19582: us-east-1 seems to be assumed by the s3 interface
Bug #19603: radosgw-admin zone set doesn't add the zone to the zone group
Bug #19627: Several related(?) failures calling the s3 interface, when using Amazon libraries
Feature #19689: rgw: bucket logging
Feature #19730: Support delete marker expiration in s3 lifecycle
Cleanup #19851: Move AES_256_CTR to auth/Crypto for others to reuse
Bug #19894: Write fails on larger files on nfs-ganesha-rgw
Bug #19904: rgw: Objects of bucket with '_' fail to sync in multisite env
Bug #19906: Random Segmentation fault thread_name:civetweb-worker
Feature #19917: radosgw access log is lacking useful information
Bug #19920: FAILED ClsSDK.TestSDKCoverageReplay (2035 ms)
Bug #19927: rgw-multisite: slave zone can not redirect website configure request to metadata master
Bug #19961: luminous: rgw: leaked _shadow_ zero size tail objects if whole object size is multiple of rgw_max_chunk_size
Bug #19965: RGW handling of combined If-None-Match and If-Modified-Since request is not RFC compliant
Bug #20044: Creating a zone does not add the realm ID to the zone's config
Bug #20073: valgrind failures jewel: possible memory corruption in StreamRWReq::get_resource
Bug #20082: rgw_file: bucket uxattrs not restored correctly (because set on "<bucket>/")
Bug #20085: valgrind failure on curl_multi_init
Feature #20094: RFW: make civetweb max request size configurable to allow larger s3 object metadata
Bug #20096: rgw: jewel valgrind failure RGWHTTPManager::add_request
Bug #20101: swift slo/dlo download err when enable compression
Feature #20179: rgw: subuser usage log statistics
Bug #20205: rgw: s3 api, need to return error NoSuchVersion when object does not exist and version-id was specified
Bug #20206: rgw: delete null versioned object doesn't return x-amz-version-id http header
Bug #20210: rgw: fix input/output err when using radosgw-admin bi list
Bug #20211: rgw: bucket index not syncing when rados cluster abnormally
Bug #20232: can not set more than one refer on bucket policy
Feature #20235: fails to start more than one radosgw process
Support #20253: Ceph RGW Users (rgw keystone implicit tenants)
Bug #20255: rgw: Size of copied object is wrong in the index
Bug #20278: Validation of container paths in RGW / Swift API.
Bug #20279: rgw: the RGWBucket::link() doesn't handle some errors
Bug #20280: rgw: multi-site replication: switching master/secondary creates additional pool
Bug #20284: 【rgw】multipart object leak when re-upload the same number part
Bug #20319: multisite: trim mdlogs even if there are no peer zones
Support #20336: osd_op_reply Input/output error
Feature #20382: cls: allow trim ops to override the MAX_TRIM_ENTRIES=1000
Feature #20398: rgw: Swift TempURL does not support prefix-based scope
Bug #20558: rgw cls list_plain_entries() error code gets distorted by increment
Support #20649: Need limit bandwidth for s3 user
Feature #20650: Support webhook for authentication
Bug #20665: STREAMING-AWS4-HMAC-SHA256-PAYLOAD fails with 0 byte upload
Feature #20795: rgw: the TempURL implementation should support ISO8601 in temp_url_expires
Feature #20883: rgw: responses for HEAD/GET on Swift's container should contain Last-Modified
Feature #20905: multisite: rate limit the number of outstanding http requests for sync
Bug #20912: rgw: TempAUTH lacks support for implicitly tenandted users
Feature #20936: Multisite: compressed data sync
Bug #21000: rgw: s3 v4 auth fails during chunked file uploads when object size = 0
Bug #21003: chunk signature mismatch for AWSv4 and Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module
Bug #21041: Stale bucket names in user bucket list.
Bug #21202: RGW: RGWDeleteMultiObj failed with '_' in object name
Bug #21223: rgw: zonegroup placement rm bug
Bug #21224: rgw: zonegroup implacement add bug
Bug #21285: rgw infinite loop in RGWBucketShardIncrementalSyncCR::operate
Feature #21334: support log response header “x-amz-request-id ”
Bug #21371: radosgw-admin user create needs better documentation
Bug #21533: rgw:lc: obj expiration time is not the same as S3
Feature #21541: dynamic resharding will be excuted in a specific time
Bug #21542: luminous: index gets heavy read IOPS with index-less RGW pool
Documentation #21553: add dynamic resharding documentation
Bug #21565: rgw:Multipart upload may failed when object size is large and near quota byte limit
Bug #21587: object index disappear when uploading files to multisite
Bug #21679: rgw: swift api allows "/" in bucket names
Bug #21680: rgw: file interfaces do not track usage stats
Bug #21705: civetweb: setgid/groups/uid fails if multiple civetweb frontends declared
Bug #21740: rgw: reshard cancel does not clear the reshard flag in the bucket index header
Bug #21767: RGW:S3 operators may return error with json formatter
Feature #21799: multisite: sync parts of multipart uploads
Bug #21802: rgw: should recover from empty buffer returned
Bug #21829: bucket.instance metadata still exist after removing bucket
Bug #21994: object tag is not synced for versioned bucket
Bug #22001: multisite: dead lock in RGWSyncTraceManager::finish_node
Bug #22010: Failures removing RGW buckets with --bypass-gc
Bug #22072: one object degraded cause all ceph rgw request hang
Feature #22081: RGWRados should acquire/release its cache watchers in parallel
Feature #22127: rgw: a house cleaning tool
Fix #22222: RGW whose "rgw_print_continue" is false should return 417 immediately when receives a "Expect: 100-continue" request
Bug #22223: Swift API - Keystone Token Expiry - 403 instead of 401.
Bug #22225: rgw:socket leak in s3 multi part upload
Bug #22246: rgw: persist rgw_lc_max_objs
Bug #22279: re-creating bucket should get BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou/BucketAlreadyExists
Bug #22295: rgw multisite can't sync obj that has a name with url special character like '/'
Bug #22314: Regression in radosgw usage show execution time
Bug #22320: Multipart copy error
Bug #22325: ordinary S3 operations by system users contain unexpected JSON (because multi-site)
Bug #22476: rgw_file: struct rgw_file_handle incompatibility because of rgw_fh_type
Bug #22481: radosgw-admin crashes when the key has wrong permissions
Bug #22537: Post objects to bucket,but return HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed
Bug #22538: The http status code in civetweb frontend's access log is always 1
Feature #22565: Multiple Data Pool Support for a Bucket
Bug #22567: rgw: stack overflow in JSONFormatter::print_quoted_string
Bug #22568: rgw: update quota is inconsistent at add/del object with compression
Bug #22617: ceph rgw can't delete some object
Bug #22650: couldn't fetch user stats at slave zone, return ERROR: could not sync bucket stats: ret=-2
Bug #22666: rgw: cannot link a bucket to a tenanted user
Bug #22686: set user quota don
Bug #22714: Existing AccessKeys with leading underscore broke in upgrade
Bug #22726: multip miss sync when put objs on cosbench as uniform objs
Bug #22775: rgw: multisite: the huge object sync is slow in unstable network environment
Bug #22777: uniqueness of rgw service name not guaranteed
Bug #22783: NFS-RGW: unable to read bs=4m
Bug #22870: rgw: bucket stats size_actual is incorrect
Bug #22883: rgw: bucket link doesn't change ownership of objects residing in the bucket
Bug #22896: rgw: (jewel) swift acls silently drop invalid acl elements.
Bug #22898: rgw: (jewel) swift acls and cross-tenant access.
Bug #22899: tests: jewel: fails with "No summary info found for user: foo"
Feature #22914: admin api --add ability to list objects which is not sync and why on multip site.
Feature #22915: admin api -- add ability to sync(fix) manual some objects which synced failed.
Bug #22946: rgw: s3 copy object return 'x-amz-copy-source-version-id' and 'x-amz-version-id
Bug #23090: rgw: both civetweb & libcurl (and boost::asio) may initialize openssl
Bug #23092: RGW leaking/orphan data with Jewel
Bug #23095: Poor defaults for RGW
Bug #35988: RGW Ldap Authorization fails
Bug #23115: fcgi's connection is not closed properly when fastcgi_keep_conn is enabled
Bug #23183: 'Bad Request' after success when uploading InputStream via swift API
Bug #23220: rgw: return service unavailable when failing to connect to ext. systems
Bug #23375: Memory leak in RGW when libcurl is configured with --with-nss and performing https requests to keystone
Documentation #23377: NFS-RGW: Add documentation for nfs ganesha specific rgw options.
Bug #23383: rgw: truncated flag not set in gc list objclass method
Bug #23432: Elastic Search Indexing fails for encrypted objects
Bug #23434: RGWs report canceled PUT requests as 500s instead of 408s
Bug #23566: Ganesha-rgw unable to do LDAP auth
Bug #23579: rgw: racing versioned operations failure
Bug #23591: wrong Content-Length for website error page
Bug #23628: deleting zonegroup doesn't remove it from the period
Bug #23651: Dynamic bucket indexing, resharding and tenants still seems to be broken
Bug #23804: rgw multisite sync maybe hang
Bug #23859: rgw: metadata sync fails if there is an empty metadata section
Bug #23882: multisite: support tagging filed nested es search
Bug #23884: rgw: orphans find should avoid objects in indexless buckets
Bug #23890: multisite: bucket sync run not support es
Bug #23953: rgw: bucket index delete cleanup
Bug #23956: rgw: use partial-ordered bucket listing in lifecycle processing
Support #23971: omap_digest_mismatch_oi
Bug #24067: RGW (Swift) failures during upgrade from Jewel to Luminous
Bug #24098: rgw: error codes mismatch on malformed acl PUT
Feature #24112: add multipsync status to bucket stats
Bug #24131: rgw: add Content-MD5 check and related permissions check for object tagging
Feature #24234: Add new command - ceph rgw status like ceph fs(mds) status
Bug #24265: Ceph Luminous radosgw/rgw failed to start Couldn't init storage provider (RADOS)
Bug #24287: rgw:when set rgw_max_chunk_size = 0 , put object will get RequestTimeout
Bug #24336: rgw-multisite: Segmentation fault when use different rgw_data_log_max_shards among zones
Bug #24401: RadosGW credential locks itself during operation
Feature #24493: rgw does not implement list_object_v2 in S3
Feature #24507: [rfe] rgw: relaxed region constraint enforcement
Bug #24523: rgw-multisite:metadata is behind on # shards
Bug #24532: rgw user max buckets not working
Bug #24562: Tail tag should be different when copy object data
Bug #24563: rgw: copy_object and multipart_copy response header etag format not correct
Bug #24565: rgw: log usage to actual user
Bug #24658: bucketname Unable to recognize if it including "."
Feature #24681: Radosgw admin api for logging (like radosgw-admin log * command)
Documentation #24754: NFS ganesha with RGW - missing documentation/bug?
Bug #24869: multisite: create bucket fails sometimes when there is a radosgw down even due the other radosgw is running
Bug #24877: multisite: metadata log trimming only trims partially
Bug #25014: Radosgw civetweb poll func cost almost 1 second
Bug #25060: rgw-multisite:RGWDataSyncShardCR is wakened up too offen
Feature #25132: Rgw usage command should has options to statistic all buckets
Bug #25168: rgw: can't remove shadow file when copy object from other placement after remove object
Bug #25195: rgw: need to be able to limit admin api to AWS4 and/or https
Bug #27048: s3aws: RequestError: send request failed after upgrade to mimic
Bug #27215: radosgw:Segmentation fault lead to rgw hangup
Bug #27364: Swift example command got "Method Not Allowed (HTTP 405)"
Bug #34540: Get object: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused
Bug #35953: Aborted dynamic resharding should clean up created bucket index objs
Bug #36027: multisite: set removed zone master will affect original zonegroup
Bug #36077: rgw: master is on a different period
Bug #36106: rgw_file: list directory can only get 1000 files on NFS-Ganesha-RGW when mounting a bucket
Feature #36319: rgw: expose useful x-amz headers beyond request-id
Bug #36491: s3a-hadoop: fails to create bucket index pool
Bug #36545: Aws v4 signature is wrong if request does not contain x-amz-content-sha256
Bug #36562: [RGW][metadata] There is a huge failure rate when use put metadat API concurrently
Bug #36623: radosgw crush by FAILED assert
Bug #36671: rgw: RGWHTTP::send support send_data to fix es search
Bug #36765: OpenStack integration documentation is lacking critical information about Swift API compatibility, Keystone integration
Feature #37381: [rgw] Add help text for each command in radosgw-admin
Bug #37388: rgw: memory leak with multisite sync
Bug #37510: luminous cannot sync from jewel
Support #37586: Some argv about
Bug #37588: s3: versioned object copy and subsequent deletion will leave stale object tails behind.
Bug #37592: rgw: indicate done status in orphans search
Feature #14713: [RFE] remove libfcgi from build
Bug #23198: osd coredump ClassHandler::ClassMethod::exec
Bug #23255: radosgw record wrong data logs when create and delete bucket in seconds repeatedly
Support #23839: RGW GC Stuxk
Bug #29419: Auto deleting is not working with multitenancy enabled
Bug #36344: radosgw index has been inconsistent with reality
Feature #20733: RGW bucket limits
Tasks #16784: RADOSGW feature requires FCGI which no longer has an upstream source
Feature #22168: The RGW Admin OPS is missing the ability to filter for e.g. buckets and users
Bug #37668: AbortMultipartUpload causes data loss(NoSuchKey) when CompleteMultipartUpload request timeout
Feature #37522: Keystone type user creation
Bug #37616: SignatureDoesNotMatch with multipart upload from minio-py
Bug #22312: ERROR: keystone revocation processing returned error r=-22 on keystone v3 openstack ocata
Bug #22632: radosgw - s3 keystone integration doesn't work while using civetweb as frontend
Support #22822: RGW multi site issue - data sync: ERROR: failed to fetch datalog info
Bug #22826: "x-amz-content-sha256: STREAMING-AWS4-HMAC-SHA256-PAYLOAD" is not support by V4 auth through LDAPEngine
Bug #22908: [Multisite] Synchronization works only one way (zone2->zone1)
Bug #23939: etag/hash and content_type fields were concatenated wit \u0000
Bug #23489: [rgw] civetweb behind haproxy doesn't work with absolute URI
Bug #24857: Object Gateway not stable on FreeBSD
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