Bug #41192

mds: atime not being updated persistently

Added by Jeff Layton 11 days ago. Updated 4 days ago.

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xfstest generic/192 fails with kcephfs. It basically:

mounts the fs
creates a file and records the atime
waits a few seconds and then reads the file
fetches the atime again
unmounts and remounts the fs
fetches the atime again and does some comparison

What I see happening is that the atime changes after the read as expected, but after the mount and remount cycle, it's back to its original value.

While I have not been able to confirm it yet, I suspect that this is an MDS bug. _update_cap_fields() does this:

    if ((dirty & CEPH_CAP_FILE_EXCL) && atime != pi->atime) {
      dout(7) << "  atime " << pi->atime << " -> " << atime
              << " for " << *in << dendl;
      pi->atime = atime;

It seems like that shouldn't depend on Fx caps, but also Fr?


#1 Updated by Jeff Layton 11 days ago

...maybe Fw too?

#2 Updated by Jeff Layton 11 days ago

Tracepoints from adding and removing caps for the inode:

    kworker/11:1-4503  [011] ...2 12397.551185: ceph_add_cap: ino=NOSNAP:0x10000146930 mds=0 issued=pAsLsXsFscr implemented=pAsLsXsFscr mds_wanted=pFscr
          umount-4769  [015] ...2 12427.410308: ceph_remove_cap: ino=NOSNAP:0x10000146930 mds=0 issued=pAsLsXsFscr implemented=pAsLsXsFscr mds_wanted=pFscr

It looks like we are flushing these back to the server, it's just that the MDS seems to ignore the atime update when we send them back.

#3 Updated by Jeff Layton 8 days ago

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Now that I've done a bit more investigation, I think there are actually two parts to this bug:

1) the MDS only updates the atime when Fx caps are flushed. It should be doing that anytime that Fx is flushed or when Fr is flushed and the atime is newer than the one the MDS has. I have a patch that I think will fix this.

2) the kernel doesn't seem to mark Fr caps dirty on read. I'm still looking at this bit.

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#5 Updated by Jeff Layton 4 days ago

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I've dropped the PR for now, as Zheng pointed out that atime is not actually tied to Fr caps after all, but rather to Fwx caps, and if you don't have one of those, then you need to do a SETATTR to update the atime.

I think it'd make a lot more sense to tie it Fr caps, but Zheng has implied that that wouldn't be simple. For now, I'm still considering our options to fix this.

In practice, I'm not too worried about leaving this broken as not many apps use the atime. If we can fix it for those who do without adding too much overhead, then fine. Otherwise, we may just have to live with it.

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