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08:10 PM CephFS Bug #48991 (New): allow looking up snapped inodes by inode number+snapid tuple
Currently, we have ceph_ll_lookup_inode(), but that only takes an inode number and can't deal with a snapped inode. A...


01:41 PM CephFS Bug #48912 (New): ls -l in cephfs-shell tries to chase symlinks when stat'ing and errors out inap...
ls -l in cephfs-shell tries to chase symlink targets when stat'ing. For example, from the kclient:...
01:35 PM CephFS Feature #48911 (New): cephfs-shell needs "ln" command equivalent
It's not currently possible to create symlinks or hardlinks with cephfs-shell (no ln command or equivalent). Add that...


01:22 PM bluestore Bug #48876: osd crash in bluestore code
Unfortunately, I don't have the rest of the log after all. I'm OOTO for a few days, but should be back on Monday. I'l...


03:43 PM bluestore Bug #48876 (Duplicate): osd crash in bluestore code
OSD crash seen when doing some cephfs testing with some experimental MDS and client patches. Build was based on top o...


06:45 PM CephFS Bug #48863: cephfs-shell should allow changing all mode bits
The issue is that you can't currently set S_ISUID, S_ISGID or S_ISVTX. We should allow that within cephfs-shell.
06:44 PM CephFS Bug #48863 (New): cephfs-shell should allow changing all mode bits
Currently, cephfs-shell says:...


06:40 PM CephFS Documentation #48838 (In Progress): document ms_mode options in mount.ceph manpage
06:37 PM CephFS Documentation #48838 (Resolved): document ms_mode options in mount.ceph manpage
We recently merged a patch to support the ms_mode= option in mount.ceph. Document the new option in the manpage.


09:58 PM CephFS Feature #48791: mds: support file block size
Technically, I think the blocksize can be anything >= 8 bytes or so. Too small or large a block will be cumbersome to...

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