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02:08 PM Ceph Bug #16211: Some rbd images inaccessible after upgrade to jewel (error reading immutable metadata)
I ran into this issue as well while upgrading a cluster from Jewel to Luminous.
This cluster was initially install...


08:28 PM mgr Bug #23118 (Resolved): Balancer maps PG to OSDs on the same host with upmap
With a v12.2.3 cluster I saw a PG mapped to two OSDs on the same host.
It was reported on ceph-devel here: https:/...


04:33 PM rgw Bug #23092 (New): RGW leaking/orphan data with Jewel
This was previously reported under #18331 but this popped up again on a Jewel cluster.
Some information:
- Jewe...
10:58 AM mgr Bug #23083: ceph-mgr fails to start after a system reboot on Ubuntu 16.04
10:53 AM Ceph Revision c628cd08 (ceph): systemd: Wait 10 seconds before restarting ceph-mgr
We do this for the MON and OSD as well, wait for a few
seconds before we try to attempt a restart.
On boot in IPv6 n...
10:38 AM mgr Bug #23083 (Pending Backport): ceph-mgr fails to start after a system reboot on Ubuntu 16.04
While upgrading a Luminous v12.2.2 system to 12.2.3 I noticed that on all three Monitors the Mgr daemon wouldn't star...
10:27 AM mgr Bug #22230 (Resolved): mgr zabbix module need init default key when module loaded
Closing this one as this should be fixed.
If not, please re-open. Should all be fixed in master.
08:17 AM Ceph Revision a567cb80 (ceph): common/ Query for AAAA-record if ms_bind_ipv6 is True
Otherwise we always query for A-records which will not work in a IPv6
Ceph cluster.
08:09 AM RADOS Bug #23078: SRV resolution fails to lookup AAAA records
In the meantime btw, a Round Robin IPv6 DNS record works just fine, something like:...
07:35 AM RADOS Bug #23078: SRV resolution fails to lookup AAAA records
Simon Leinen wrote:
> WANG Guoqin actually noted the lack of IPv6 support in "a comment on issue #14527":http://trac...

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