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02:48 PM RADOS Bug #24531: Mimic MONs have slow/long running ops
02:20 PM RADOS Bug #24531 (New): Mimic MONs have slow/long running ops
When setting up a Mimic 13.2.0 cluster I saw a message like this:...
09:23 AM RADOS Bug #24423: failed to load OSD map for epoch X, got 0 bytes
Seeing the same here with a new Mimic cluster.
I purged a few OSDs (deployment went wrong) and now they can't star...


03:44 PM Ceph Revision 97da18e9 (ceph): ceph-volume lvm.activate Do not search for a MON configuration
This system might not have one nor can we be sure that we have
a client.admin keyring on the system.
Just prime the ...


07:06 AM Ceph Revision 71c55486 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Listen on port 8443 by default and not 8080
Port 8080 is a common alternative HTTP port used for web traffic.
The dashboard however uses SSL (which can not be t...


01:51 PM Ceph Revision bcef1f88 (ceph): mgr/influx: Only fetch the current time once when gathering data
By fetching the current time once and storing it into a variable
we save a lot of system calls. On large clusters thi...
01:50 PM Ceph Revision 0762c0f8 (ceph): mgr/influx: Send more information about pools
In addition to the existing statistics also send Read and Write IOps,
but also quota information.
Signed-off-by: Wid...
01:50 PM Ceph Revision c5cadd1d (ceph): mgr/influx: Catch ConnectionError if raised
The InfluxDBClient can also re-raise a ConnectionError from the
python requests module if that was caught.
The Excep...
01:49 PM Ceph Revision 2f192b15 (ceph): mgr/influx: Print (in debug) time it takes to send data to Influx
On large clusters it might take a very long time to send data to Influx
due to the gathering and parsing of statistic...
01:49 PM Ceph Revision 398cc1f4 (ceph): mgr/influx: Revise configuration of module
It's a lot like the Zabbix module and allows for setting configuration
options on run-time and also fetch them from t...

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