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04:15 PM Ceph Revision 2042881c (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Fix PG status coloring
This was broken in the 12.2.2 release and PGs would not get a
color anymore.
This commit also makes sure pools/PGs a...


02:38 PM Ceph Revision d7a09ff0 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Fix a small typo in the Python code
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>
12:57 PM Ceph Revision 9f525b28 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Improve logging of Zabbix module
Just to make sure more logging can be done when needed.
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>
12:57 PM Ceph Revision c9bb2f02 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Optimize configuration of Zabbix module
The module refused to run/start if not all configuration was properly set
This commit makes sure the module is initi...
12:53 PM Ceph Revision 2281bfd5 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Use fsid as identifier with Zabbix if none is set
Users can still override this parameter, but by default the fsid
of the cluster will be used to send data to Zabbix.


12:31 PM Ceph Revision e8a82611 (ceph): ceph-volume: Add linesep/newline at end of JSON file when writing
Instead of:
"systemd": "",
"type": "bluestore",
"whoami": "0"
A newline is added to th...


10:20 AM Ceph Revision 0333f749 (ceph): ceph-volume: Try to cast OSD metadata to int while scanning directory
By doing so values like 'whoami' and 'bluefs' will be stored as a
integer in the resulting JSON rather then a String....


08:27 PM Ceph Revision 392603a8 (ceph): ceph-volume: Add linesep/newline at end of JSON file when writing
Instead of:
"systemd": "",
"type": "bluestore",
"whoami": "0"
A newline is added to th...


02:44 PM Ceph Revision 3f07636b (ceph): mgr/influx: Print (in debug) time it takes to send data to Influx
On large clusters it might take a very long time to send data to Influx
due to the gathering and parsing of statistic...
01:14 PM rbd Bug #22363 (Need More Info): Watchers are lost on active RBD image with running client
The issue is observed on a Jewe...

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