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09:28 PM mgr Bug #25191: ceph-mgr: Module 'influx' has failed
Backport PR has been created:


08:49 AM Ceph Revision 21fbfc9c (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Add option to disable SSL
Although is preferred and should be enabled by default users might
want to disable SSL as the dashboard might be runn...


11:30 AM Ceph Revision 9cf23c19 (ceph): mgr: Centralize PG_STATES to MgrModule
The Prometheus, Telegraf and Influx module can use this list
of states to send information about Placement Groups to ...


02:36 PM Ceph Revision 02569c88 (ceph): mgr: Ignore daemon if no metadata was returned
It can happen that the Mgr does not return any metadata for a given
daemon as it might not be available at that momen...


02:48 PM RADOS Bug #24531: Mimic MONs have slow/long running ops
02:42 PM Ceph Revision e8a9357d (ceph): mgr/telegraf: Catch OSError instead of errno
A OSError will be thrown (and not catched) if the module starts for
the first time and the UNIX socket of the Telegra...
02:40 PM Ceph Revision 7a05dd1e (ceph): mgr/telegraf: Use generators in Python to streamline output
Instead of collection all data in a list prior to sending use
generators inside Python to send out data as soon as th...
02:20 PM RADOS Bug #24531 (New): Mimic MONs have slow/long running ops
When setting up a Mimic 13.2.0 cluster I saw a message like this:...
09:23 AM RADOS Bug #24423: failed to load OSD map for epoch X, got 0 bytes
Seeing the same here with a new Mimic cluster.
I purged a few OSDs (deployment went wrong) and now they can't star...


01:58 PM Ceph Revision 0d1335df (ceph): mgr/telegraf: Send more PG status information to Telegraf
Placement Groups can be in more states and it is useful to know more
about the states of PGs.
Signed-off-by: Wido de...

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