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08:03 AM Ceph Revision ef5ff0e4 (ceph): doc: Update mgr doc on how to enable Zabbix module
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>


12:08 PM Ceph Revision dacd41e0 (ceph): release notes: Add Zabbix ceph-mgr module to PendingReleaseNotes
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>


09:06 AM Ceph Revision bcf3a7ed (ceph): mgr: Zabbix monitoring module
This ceph-mgr module will pull various values from the Ceph cluster
and send them to a Zabbix Server using zabbix_sen...


02:37 PM Ceph Revision 071f111a (ceph): osd: Return correct osd_objectstore in OSD metadata
Do not simply read the configuration value as it might have changed
during OSD startup by reading the type from disk....
12:48 PM Ceph Revision 270a3e0f (ceph): mgr: Implement self_test() method in MgrModule
Other modules are encouraged to override this method and implement
a as good as possible self-test which returns True...
12:47 PM Ceph Revision 43380f8d (ceph): mgr: set/get_localized_config in MgrModule
get_localized_config was getting redundant as it was copied to various
This commit also introduces set_loca...


02:31 PM Ceph Bug #20430: crush_location_hook does not work with Luminous
02:17 PM Ceph Revision be7aecc9 (ceph): osd: Execute crush_location_hook when configured in ceph.conf
CrushLocation only invoked update_from_conf() which meant that
update_from_hook() was never executed.
By called init...
02:11 PM Ceph Bug #20430 (Resolved): crush_location_hook does not work with Luminous
Trying with the Luminous RC it seems that the *crush_location_hook* isn't invoked.
The OSDs always seem to add the...
01:42 PM Ceph Revision 0f15e4e7 (ceph): doc: Mgr Dashboard docs update
More instructions on how to deploy the dashboard using ceph-mgr
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>

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