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08:14 AM Ceph Documentation #38253 (New): doc: Documentation about daemon restart with SELinux
ceph-selinux restarts all MON and OSD daemons on package upgrade.


05:44 PM mgr Backport #38181: mimic: Not enough PG information sent to Zabbix
Here is the PR:


07:43 AM Ceph Feature #38138 (Resolved): mgr: add get_latest_counter() to C++ -> Python interface.
This vastly improves performance of the Mgr when fetching performance counters.
This improves the performance of t...


12:07 PM Ceph Bug #21672: Upgrading the ceph-selinux package unconditionally restarts all running daemons if se...
I have a PR which might fix this partially when running SELinux in Permissive mode:
10:52 AM Ceph Bug #21672: Upgrading the ceph-selinux package unconditionally restarts all running daemons if se...
I just noticed this during a 12.2.8 to 13.2.4 upgrade. Not what I expected as I was only thinking about /etc/sysconfi...


01:05 PM Ceph Revision 35805315 (ceph): mgr/zabbix: Send more PG information to Zabbix
Send information about the status in which many Placement Groups
are so that triggers can be made to check if all PGs...


10:50 AM mgr Bug #36318 (Can't reproduce): Ceph Mimic now throws exception when sending via zabbix-sender
I am closing this one for now as I have not been able to reproduce it.
Feel free to re-open it should the problem ...


11:45 AM Ceph Revision a1717704 (ceph): doc: Update mgr/zabbix plugin documentation with link to Zabbix template
Signed-off-by: Wido den Hollander <>


06:51 AM RADOS Bug #36345 (Verified): librados C API aio read empty buffer
Updating this ticket as the issue seems to be related to two things:
- When using osd_op_timeout
- When using a u...


03:43 PM Ceph Revision 04f279b6 (ceph): mgr/dashboard: Add option to disable SSL
Although is preferred and should be enabled by default users might
want to disable SSL as the dashboard might be runn...

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