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06:48 PM Ceph Feature #12430: libmailrados: Mailbox storage on RADOS
Florian Haas wrote:
> Wido, is there new information on this? As far as I can see, there haven't been any commits to...


10:31 AM rgw Bug #7169: rgw: list multipart parts broken (> 1000 parts)
Although this one has been marked as resolved I just ran into this situation with Jewel 10.2.5.
The listing replie...


06:58 PM Ceph Feature #18978 (New): ceph-disk: Implement easy replace of OSD
As discussed here:
Maybe something like:...
11:23 AM Ceph Revision 0ae3154e (ceph): Pass first parameter to make-dist for building SRPM
This allows for overriding the version to be build in the SRPM.
make-dist already supports this, pass down the param...
06:06 AM Ceph Feature #18966 (New): Add mon_osd_down_out_subtree_max_osd
In addition to mon_osd_down_out_subtree_limit there should be a config option mon_osd_down_out_subtree_max_osd
06:03 AM Ceph Bug #18962 (In Progress): ceph-disk: Zap disk doesn't clear OSD journal data
See PR: -


09:49 PM Ceph Bug #18962 (Testing): ceph-disk: Zap disk doesn't clear OSD journal data
When Zapping a disk and re-creating a OSD on the same disk again the chance is there that the partition table will be...
11:20 AM Ceph Bug #18924: kraken-bluestore 11.2.0 memory leak issue
This was discussed during Yesterday's performance meeting and Sage suggested that this is indeed a memory leak.
11:17 AM Ceph Bug #18926: Why osds do not release memory?
Seems to be related to #18924 doesn't it?
Machines seem to be running out of memory with BlueStore.


09:07 AM Ceph Bug #12100: OSD crash, uexpected aio error in
I encountered this issue this morning on several machines where the unattended upgrades from Ubuntu kicked in and tri...

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