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10:26 PM Ceph Fix #20306 (New): ceph-disk should use the python random function
Instead of reading from /dev/urandom, there are arguments to be made for an alternate implementation using the phytho...
10:23 PM Ceph Fix #20305 (New): ceph osd new -i should read from stdin
Most ceph osd new users presumably want to pipe the secrets instead of writing them to a file. While this can easily ...


01:44 PM Ceph Revision 93c29f1a (ceph): Merge pull request #14753 from theanalyst/v12.0.2/mailmap
doc: mailmap for v12.0.2
Reviewed-by: Loic Dachary <>


07:23 PM Ceph Bug #10020: bloom filter unit tests fail (power8)
This test was failing on power8.


01:39 PM Ceph Revision fe491909 (ceph): Merge pull request #15576 from dachary/wip-ceph-disk
ceph-disk: sensible default for block.db
Reviewed-by: Sage Weil <>


08:35 PM Ceph Bug #20229 (Need Review): ceph-disk systemd unit timesout too quickly
08:28 PM Ceph Bug #20229 (Need Review): ceph-disk systemd unit timesout too quickly
When there are more than a few disks, it is likely to take longer than five minutes.
06:44 PM RADOS Bug #20221: kill osd + osd out leads to stale PGs
@Greg the original bug description was updated with a simpler reproducer which does not involve copying objects. I be...
02:58 PM RADOS Bug #20221: kill osd + osd out leads to stale PGs
FWIW it was reproduced by badone.
01:14 PM Ceph Fix #20224 (Verified): ceph-disk deactivate fails with --verbose, and error message is confusing
When ceph osd dump cannot be run for some reason, the error message should at least include the stderr instead of a t...

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