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04:26 PM Ceph Feature #19310: Output only the latest require_{release}_osds flag
Yep, these are separate flags that don't subsume each other. I can see why that's confusing; maybe we can do somethin...


09:11 PM Ceph Bug #19267: rados list-inconsistent-obj can't list all bad replicas when all 3 copies are bad
I don't understand. What about this output says that two copies are bad and one isn't?


07:33 PM Ceph Bug #19252: read/write inconsistent
I do notice that your write takes a loooong time to complete, which may be why this popped up for you. You might want...
07:31 PM Ceph Bug #19252 (Closed): read/write inconsistent
Any storage system is perfectly free to reorder simultaneous requests -- defined as those whose submit-reply time ove...


07:24 AM Ceph Bug #19191: osd/ 1109: FAILED assert(!parent->get_log().get_missing().is_mis...
Do we actually want to clear the missing set here, or just filter it for the correct child PG?
...I presume killing ...


11:08 PM Ceph Revision 8827efa2 (ceph): Merge pull request #13616 from liewegas/wip-primary-temp
mon/OSDMonitor: remove trivial PGMap dependency for 'osd primary-temp' command
Reviewed-by: Greg Farnum <gfarnum@red...


04:14 PM fs Feature #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
I guess I'm not sure what you're going for with the Fb versus Fc here. Sure, if you have Fwb and then get an Fr read ...
01:35 AM Ceph Bug #19023: ceph_test_rados invalid read caused apparently by lost intervals due to mons trimming...
I assume from your description that this was a dirty interval the monitor shouldn't have trimmed? Or did osd.4 perhap...
01:21 AM fs Feature #18490: implement delegation support in userland cephfs
> BTW: CEPH_CAPFILE_BUFFER does also imply CEPH_CAP_FILE_CACHE, doesn't it?
No, I don't think it does. In practice...


06:23 PM fs Bug #17594: cephfs permission checking not working (MDS should enforce POSIX permissions)
Jeff Layton wrote:
> Greg Farnum wrote:
> > Gah. I've run out of time to work on this right now. I've got a branch ...

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