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09:58 PM RADOS Feature #23045: mon: warn on slow ops in OpTracker
I've assigned this to myself but I don't know when I can get to it, so if you want to work on this feel free to take it!
09:56 PM RADOS Feature #23045 (New): mon: warn on slow ops in OpTracker
The monitor has an OpTracker now, but it doesn't warn on slow ops the way the MDS or OSD do. We should enable that to...
09:52 PM RADOS Bug #23030: osd: crash during recovery with assert(p != assert(re...
This snapshot assert looks like "Ceph Luminous - pg is down due to src/osd/ 246: FAILED assert(r == -2)...
02:39 PM fs Bug #23028: client: allow client to use caps that are revoked but not yet returned
You’ll need to be super careful here. It sounds like the point of this check is to prevent the Client from creating n...


12:36 AM RADOS Bug #22743: "RadosModel.h: 854: FAILED assert(0)" in upgrade:hammer-x-jewel-distro-basic-smithi
I looked at it briefly and the output doesn't make any sense to me, but I don't have a lot of context around what the...


11:49 PM RADOS Bug #22114 (Need Review): mon: ops get stuck in "resend forwarded message to leader"


06:05 AM RADOS Bug #22996: Snapset inconsistency is no longer detected
We also need this fix to include tests that happen in the QA suite to prevent a future regression! :)
(Presumably th...


05:07 PM Ceph Revision 240b6881 (ceph): Merge pull request #20147 from smithfarm/wip-15904
tools: rados: make -f be --format for consistency with ceph tool
Reviewed-by: Greg Farnum <>


07:28 PM Ceph Bug #22943 (Closed): c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)
Master is building fine now:
If it's a bug specific to 7.2 you should submit ...
07:16 PM rgw Bug #22927 (Need Review): rgw: Location element not returned correctly from Post Upload Object

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