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09:42 PM Ceph Support #15551: OSD crash during recovery, osd/ 503: FAILED assert(newhead >= log.tail)
No, these issues appear to be data loss in the local FS (which we can't do much about), and we aren't doing maintenan...


08:42 PM RADOS Bug #19909 (New): master osd's won't start after upgrade from 12.0.1
So I didn't follow it all the way through but it sure looks to me like our acting_primary input to the crashing seque...
08:05 PM Ceph Revision 0e51ab10 (ceph): Merge pull request #15727 from ovh/bp-runtime-cfg-of-hb-inflator
osd, messages/MOSDPing: bunch of fixes related to ping inflation
Reviewed-by: Sage Weil <>


09:29 PM RADOS Bug #20361 (Duplicate): ceph_test_msgr: can't decode unknown message type 0 MSG_AUTH=17
09:29 PM Ceph Bug #18664: ceph_test_msgr SIGABRT in decode_message, SimpleMessenger, can't decode unknown messa...
08:55 PM RADOS Bug #19299 (New): Jewel -> Kraken: OSD boot takes 1+ hours, unusually high CPU
Ping Sage, you got that subprocess strace data.
08:52 PM RADOS Bug #19700 (Verified): OSD remained up despite cluster network being inactive?
Sounds like we messed up the way cluster network heartbeating and the monitor's public network connection to the OSDs...
08:50 PM RADOS Bug #19909: master osd's won't start after upgrade from 12.0.1
red ref, are you saying you created a brand-new cluster with 12.0.3 and saw this on first boot?
Sage, do you think...
04:57 PM Ceph Support #20356 (Closed): cluster health ok,but rados hang
You've set it to allow nearly 100 GB of in-flight IO data. I don't know exactly why that would trigger an issue with ...
04:52 PM RADOS Bug #19909: master osd's won't start after upgrade from 12.0.1
N.0.Y releases such as 12.0.2 are dev releases; you should not run them if you can't afford to rebuild them. Upgrades...

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