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10:09 PM fs Bug #19812 (New): client: not swapping directory caps efficiently leads to very slow create chains
In short: if you have a ceph-fuse and a kerne...
09:38 PM Ceph Feature #19810 (New): qa: test that we are trimming maps
We merged without noticing that it prevented *all* OSD map trimming, because ...


09:59 PM Ceph Feature #19799 (New): Expose snap trim speed along with client and recovery IO rates
Something like...


06:06 PM Ceph Bug #19705: Ubuntu amd64 client can not discover the ubuntu arm64 ceph cluster
If you reproduce this while the clients and servers have "debug ms = 10" set, the logs will contain a lot of develope...


08:06 PM Ceph Bug #19752 (Rejected): pg_pool_t::remove_snap() allocates a snapid that is never deleted
Never mind, it just keeps an explicit list. This ticket was a comical series of misunderstandings.
07:56 PM Ceph Bug #19752 (Rejected): pg_pool_t::remove_snap() allocates a snapid that is never deleted
That means the removed_snaps interval set is remarkably inefficient. If you always create a snapshot before removing ...


05:53 PM Ceph Cleanup #3977: Do a great stream operator const cleanup!
Woah, blast from the past! :)
The issue described here is that we had a bunch of operator<< functions with non-con...
05:42 PM Ceph Bug #19744: mon: pg_create not re-sent after primary osd changed
This is definitely on the mon. If the OSD ignored the epoch mappings it could create a PG which was created by somebo...


01:28 AM Ceph Bug #19490 (Can't reproduce): segfault when flushing journal
Unfortunately there's not enough info in that backtrace to go on, and I haven't seen anything like this elsewhere. If...
01:07 AM Ceph Bug #17916 (Resolved): osd/ 1047: FAILED assert(oi.version == i->first)
Jewel backport ticket:
Kraken "backport" ticket:

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