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10:29 PM RADOS Bug #37786: test fails in mon/
This does look weird to me as well; we should investigate. I can't offhand think of any way for a bug like that to im...
10:25 PM RADOS Bug #37788 (Closed): ceph osd process run out of memory
Unfortunately there are a number of known issues with tcmalloc and hugepages. I don't think I've seen it this bad bef...
10:21 PM RADOS Bug #37808: osd: osdmap cache weak_refs assert during shutdown
Apparently these are popping up again so we should try and track them down, but note that since
10:07 PM RADOS Bug #37779 (Testing): msg/async: connection race + winner fault can leave connection in standby
05:59 AM RADOS Bug #37807 (Testing): osd: valgrind catches InvalidRead


10:10 PM RADOS Bug #37720 (Resolved): Ceph-osd is halt when enable SPDK
10:09 PM RADOS Bug #37747: slow requests are being show on Luminous version while using bluestore , and cluster ...
I've moved this into the RADOS tracker for now, but you will probably get more useful help on the ceph-users mailing ...
10:08 PM Ceph Support #37750 (Closed): Ceph unable to take full advantage of NVMe hardware capabilities
You can go to the mailing list or search for presentations on NVMe performance for tuning advice. :)
10:07 PM rgw Documentation #37770 (Resolved): doc: cleanup HTTP Frontends documentation


10:28 PM RADOS Bug #36498 (Duplicate): failed to recover before timeout expired due to pg stuck in creating+peering
We fixed at least one bug with PGs not getting marked as created correctly, so I'm closing this one.

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