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09:19 PM RADOS Bug #40726: "OSD::osd_op_tp thread 0x7f6dafcf0700' had timed out after 15"
This happens occasionally on Mira nodes; but if it pops up repeatedly on the same node or test suite that may be evid...
09:16 PM RADOS Bug #40791: high variance in pg size
It sure looks like the PG count isn't a power of two, so some of them are simply half size compared to the others. (S...
09:12 PM RADOS Support #40777 (Closed): hit assert in AuthMonitor::update_from_paxos
That assert means there was a read error when the monitor tried to get data off of disk. Check your disk!


09:07 PM Ceph Bug #40680 (Closed): fails to build up a test cluster


07:02 PM Ceph Revision 9fd889fe (ceph): Merge pull request #26381 from ypdai/patch-1
Update layout.rst


09:19 PM Ceph Support #40604 (Closed): want to install Luminous 12.2.1-40.el7cp via ceph-ansible
Help with installation should be directed to the user lists or your install provider, please! :)
(I'm confused about...
09:17 PM RADOS Bug #40586: OSDs get killed by OOM due to a broken switch
Is this something you're working on, Xie?
09:13 PM Ceph Support #40457 (Closed): ceph osd expand cause I/O hang
Try taking this to the Ceph-users list if it's still a problem.
09:08 PM Ceph Support #40303 (Closed): Average latency output in rados bench seems incorrect
Rados bench isn't much documented outside of the source code, and is a very primitive tool. I'd take questions on spe...


09:52 PM Ceph Revision 0d9ea078 (ceph): doc: update erasure-code.rst with review comments.
Signed-off-by: Greg Farnum <>

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