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05:21 PM Ceph Revision b5220e20 (ceph): Merge pull request #17066 from amitkumar50/cov-os-1
os: Initializing uninitialized members aio_info
Reviewed-by: Greg Farnum <>
05:50 AM Ceph Bug #21006 (Closed): assert in can_discard_replica_op
Yes, but it would have to be very soon afterwards. I'm surprised you managed to construct a case that hit it!


11:23 PM Ceph Bug #21006: assert in can_discard_replica_op
No, an OSD exists in the map until it's been actually *deleted* by the administrator. It doesn't have to be up and in...
10:55 PM Ceph Bug #21006: assert in can_discard_replica_op
The OSD should always exist in the map. Which version of Ceph are you running?
We've seen a few crashes where we w...
10:34 PM RADOS Bug #21016: CRUSH crash on bad memory handling
...and this was also responsible for at least a couple failures that got detected as such.
10:28 PM Ceph Bug #20987: mon/ 3284: FAILED assert(create != creating_pgs.pgs.end())
10:15 PM RADOS Bug #21016 (Pending Backport): CRUSH crash on bad memory handling
05:13 PM Ceph Bug #20995: ceph -w does not exit, but it doesn't display any messages either
I don't think it does anything else besides that and printing the same stuff as "ceph -s"?
I didn't dig in to see ...
05:09 PM Ceph Revision f7f83180 (ceph): Merge pull request #17022 from ceph/wip-doc-sans-gitbuilder
Update docs to remove gitbuilder and add shaman references
Reviewed-By: Nathan Cutler <>
01:48 AM RADOS Bug #21005 (New): mon: mon_osd_down_out interval can prompt osdmap creation when nothing is happe...
I saw a cluster where we had the whole gamut of no* flags set in an attempt to stop it creating maps.

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