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05:34 PM sepia Bug #17699: teuthworker processes hung writing to cephfs, no evidence why
No. We still see periodic failures of the same sort, but it's not yet clear exactly what is blocking the writes.
05:33 PM Ceph Bug #17266: virtualenv default paths not uniquely named
This bites me every single time I build on a shared build machine; still think that at least /tmp/<username> is a bet...


03:00 AM CI Bug #19976: ceph-docs job can fail to build with "fatal: ambiguous argument"
So I hacked this up, which shows some promise, but it may not be reliable:...


09:32 PM CI Bug #19976: ceph-docs job can fail to build with "fatal: ambiguous argument"
Thinking, and bouncing ideas off/absorbing ideas from joshd, I think a workable solution would be to loop across the ...


09:51 PM devops Bug #17091: fails confusingly when data directory does not exist
-a would avoid the problem in
09:38 PM Ceph Bug #19993 (Need More Info): run-tox-ceph-disk fails related to prettytable
I had asked in IRC if you had rerun since the prettytable addition, and did not hear an answer. That...


03:55 AM CI Bug #19976: ceph-docs job can fail to build with "fatal: ambiguous argument"
Close. For a new branch, the environment doesn't contain anything useful but GIT_COMMIT:


10:51 PM CI Bug #19976: ceph-docs job can fail to build with "fatal: ambiguous argument"
Yes. <sha1>^1 and <sha1>^2 only have meaning for merge commits. The problem is I'm unclear how to use the env vars ...


11:36 PM Ceph Bug #19884: support Debian stretch
Be sure not to ignore the discussion in the Debian bug; there's good info there


03:05 AM Ceph Bug #19884 (Pending Backport): support Debian stretch
See Obvious requirements are
- ceph-detect-init
- ceph...

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