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08:31 PM Ceph Documentation #38934: "Developer Guide" appears two times in table of contents
I don't understand why this is a problem.


08:59 PM teuthology Bug #38802 (Resolved): "failed to install new kernel version within timeout" on mimic
Already fixed with


03:37 AM mgr Bug #38731 (Resolved): mgr: telemetry plugin uses now-removed worker to set local config
set_config was removed recently, so 'telemetry on/off' don't work
Replace with set_module_option


10:03 PM Ceph Cleanup #38088: Add dependencies for missing Python packages
The confusion about grpc in is because grpc is nothing to do with this c...


09:33 PM mgr Bug #38255: mgr/orch: sudo yum -y install ceph-mgr-rook failed for rhel 7.5 Sepia lab builds
I knew I didn't want to add that dep


05:09 AM Ceph Cleanup #38088: Add dependencies for missing Python packages
trying to build grpc into a .deb, I find that
1) it hasn't been released on pypi since June 2016, and
2) it uses...


03:04 AM Ceph Cleanup #38088: Add dependencies for missing Python packages
The existing code was written with requirements.txt as such, so I guess that's at least a version that is known to wo...


05:37 AM Ceph Cleanup #38089 (New): add mgr plugin packages to qa/packages/packages.yaml once they have depende... get them automatically installed and removed for teuthology tests (but the file is in Ceph source)
05:34 AM Ceph Cleanup #38088 (New): Add dependencies for missing Python packages
ceph-mgr-rook, ceph-mgr-diskprediction-local, and ceph-mgr-diskprediction-cloud packages will need to have dependenci...
03:43 AM Ceph Bug #2442 (Resolved): bash completion is broken
resolved by changes from other developer

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