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09:08 AM Ceph Revision 43a72f0e (ceph): Merge pull request #24350 from ricardoasmarques/wip-json-decode
mgr/dashboard: Check content-type before decode json response
Reviewed-by: Lenz Grimmer <>


03:58 PM Ceph Revision 4470842e (ceph): msg/async: ProtocolV1: use continuations instead of direct function calls
When using direct function calls to implement the V1 state machine,
we might fill up the stack due to state machine c...
03:18 PM RADOS Bug #36167: msg: infinite recursion while reading messages
@Patrick can you test the patch in the PR to see if it fixes the problem?
03:17 PM RADOS Bug #36167 (Need Review): msg: infinite recursion while reading messages
03:13 PM Ceph Revision 2025602d (ceph): msg/async: ProtocolV1 state machine ascii diagram
Signed-off-by: Ricardo Dias <>
06:22 AM RADOS Bug #36167: msg: infinite recursion while reading messages
Patrick Donnelly wrote:
> I'm looking at the code and don't see a termination condition for the recursive calls. In ...


09:19 AM RADOS Bug #36167 (In Progress): msg: infinite recursion while reading messages
The problem is that there are always messages to read in the socket and the message handling is implemented has a seq...


12:47 PM Ceph Revision e6f043f7 (ceph): msgr/async: huge refactoring of protocol V1
This huge commit extracts the protocol V1 logic from the AsyncConnection
class into its own class called ProtocolV1.
12:40 PM Ceph Revision fed335ff (ceph): msgr/async: fix forward declaration of DispatchQueue
Signed-off-by: Ricardo Dias <>


01:45 PM sepia Support #35965: teuthology-kill command asks for sudo password
<quote>Also when I try to ssh to one of the machines that is running a job, it also asks me for a password.</quote>

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