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  • rgw-testing (Manager, Reporter, 11/01/2016)
  • RADOS (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 06/07/2017)



03:15 AM Ceph Revision bf70c4b9 (ceph): osd/PG: Add two new mClock implementations of the PG sharded operator q...
Create an mClock priority queue, which can in turn be used for two new
implementations of the PG shards operator queu...


07:02 PM Ceph Revision b3e677ab (ceph): osd/dmclock/testing: reorganize testing, building now optional
Modify cmake files to take advantage or re-organization of dmclock's
cmake set-up, specifically not having dmclock's ...
07:01 PM Ceph Revision 963a803d (ceph): Merge commit '5c612d7e32a07a01b3b97f9cf58f2a3cef0e2e73'
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>
07:01 PM Ceph Revision 5c612d7e (ceph): Squashed 'src/dmclock/' changes from d6586d7..64bcc6e
64bcc6e Remove FindGTest and FindBoost, which already exist in cmake required version 2.8.11 and later. Also clean up...


02:31 PM Ceph Revision e1634464 (ceph): doc: add README to dmclock subdir to inform developers it's a git subtree
Since dmclock was integrated into ceph a short time ago, twice now
contributors have submitted PRs to modify files be...


02:53 PM Ceph Bug #19979: dmclock-tests passes but generates a segfault and coredump
Based on the discussion here ( I'm detaching dmclock's testing from ceph's te...


04:22 PM Ceph Bug #19979: dmclock-tests passes but generates a segfault and coredump
Thanks, Brad. dmClock is an external library (brought into ceph via git-subtree). So the choices are to either duplic...


01:53 PM Ceph Bug #19979 (In Progress): dmclock-tests passes but generates a segfault and coredump
The segfault is to be expected. This test makes use of gtest's _EXPECT_DEATH_IF_SUPPORTED_ feature. For details, see ...


08:35 PM Ceph Revision 2f96956b (ceph): osd/pglog: Remove loop through empty collection.
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>


02:17 PM Ceph Revision b2d4b481 (ceph): doc: Re-word the warnings about using git subtrees.
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>

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