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  • Ceph (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/08/2016)
  • Linux kernel client (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • phprados (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • devops (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • rbd (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • rgw (Manager, Reporter, 08/08/2016)
  • sepia (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • fs (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • teuthology (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • rados-java (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • Calamari (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • Ceph-deploy (Manager, 02/07/2017)
  • Tools (Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 02/07/2017)
  • downburst (Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 02/07/2017)
  • mgr (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 06/28/2017)
  • rgw-testing (Manager, Reporter, 11/01/2016)
  • RADOS (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 06/07/2017)



06:32 PM Ceph Revision dec1aeef (ceph): doc: op queue and mclock related options
Additionally makes sure when unexpected values are provided for config
options osd_op_queue or osd_op_queue_cut_off t...
04:38 PM Ceph Revision 8e92496d (ceph): osd: update interface with dmclock library to use move semantics
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>
04:35 PM Ceph Revision c06ff018 (ceph): Merge commit '4363837772a4a6ba7842cce87f0f7410ff8d4231' into wip-pull-n...
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>
04:35 PM Ceph Revision 43638377 (ceph): Squashed 'src/dmclock/' changes from 64bcc6e..3408cb8
3408cb8 Merge pull request #33 from ceph/wip-move-make-options-up
f2099ec Moved the check for cmake's DO_NOT_DELAY_TA...
04:26 PM Ceph Revision 03d5f3a7 (ceph): osd: clean up dup index logic; keep flag logic in few places
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>


05:20 PM Ceph Revision 81d3def3 (ceph): doc: Describe mClock's use within Ceph in great detail.
It seems many are initially unclear as to how the current
implementations of mclock op queues work, so we need to doc...


03:09 PM Ceph Revision a3d2c6b6 (ceph): PGLog: continuation, store extra duplicate ops beyond the normal log en...
This helps us avoid replaying non-idempotent client operations when
the pg log is very short, e.g. in an effort to fo...


01:31 PM Ceph Revision 7776ece5 (ceph): Tailor for dup ops testing.
Signed-off-by: J. Eric Ivancich <>


03:15 AM Ceph Revision bf70c4b9 (ceph): osd/PG: Add two new mClock implementations of the PG sharded operator q...
Create an mClock priority queue, which can in turn be used for two new
implementations of the PG shards operator queu...


02:31 PM Ceph Revision e1634464 (ceph): doc: add README to dmclock subdir to inform developers it's a git subtree
Since dmclock was integrated into ceph a short time ago, twice now
contributors have submitted PRs to modify files be...

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