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01:21 PM mgr Feature #24999 (New): mgr/dashboard: Embed Grafana Dashboards into the Mgr Dashboard UI
Modify the Mgr Dashboard UI to embed the Grafana Dashboards provided by #24998
12:56 PM mgr Feature #24998 (New): monitoring: Port and submit the ceph-metrics Grafana dashboards
The Ceph Manager Dashboard intends to embed Grafana dashboards into various places of the UI. The "ceph-metrics":http...
12:39 PM mgr Feature #24997 (New): mgr/dashboard: Changing the OSD weight
It should be possible to change an OSD's individual weight in the OSD table.


10:33 AM Ceph Revision 2c783ebe (ceph): Merge pull request #22902 from alfonsomthd/24778-dashboard-info-cards-r...
mgr/dashboard: Dashboard info cards refactoring
Reviewed-by: Ernesto Puerta <>
Reviewed-by: Kanik...
09:18 AM mgr Feature #24977 (New): Provide a base set of Prometheus alert manager rules that notify the user a...
We should create a number of pre-defined Prometheus alert manager configuration files that trigger alerts on specific...


12:07 PM mgr Bug #24621 (Pending Backport): Ceph Dashboard doesn't support IDs with special characters
Reopening and requesting a backport to Mimic - looks like other strings also have unwanted side-effects - see #24902
12:05 PM mgr Bug #24902: Mimic Dashboard does not allow deletion of snapshots containing "+" in their name
Thanks for reporting.
@Tiago - I wonder if the fix for #24621 would also address this issue? In any case, this sho...


03:31 PM mgr Feature #24892 (New): mgr/dashboard: Evict a CephFS client
On the list of active CephFS clients, the dashboard should provide management options by clicking on a client in the ...


09:25 AM Ceph Revision 33d0f57e (ceph): Merge pull request #22593 from wido/mgr-dashboard-ssl
mgr/dashboard: Add option to disable SSL
Reviewed-by: John Spray <>
Reviewed-by: Ricardo Dias <...


08:09 AM Ceph Revision d63a8e50 (ceph): Merge pull request #22944 from falcon78921/wip-doc-rbdcmds
doc: fixed grammar in restore rbd image section
Reviewed-by: Jason Dillaman <>

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