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12:42 PM Ceph Revision 09935f04 (ceph): Merge pull request #26408 from tspmelo/wip-pool-slash
mgr/dashboard: Allow "/" in pool name
Reviewed-by: Ricardo Marques <>
Reviewed-by: Volker Theile <...
11:56 AM Ceph Revision f47ae251 (ceph): Merge pull request #26433 from tspmelo/wip-rbd-slash
mgr/dashboard: Improve RBD form
Reviewed-by: Volker Theile <>
08:35 AM Ceph Revision cb833af5 (ceph): Merge pull request #26509 from p-na/wip-pna-fix-ganesha-pylint
mgr/dashboard: Clean up pylint's `disable:no-else-return`
Reviewed-by: Alfonso Martínez <>


04:16 PM mgr Bug #38382 (New): mgr/dashboard: Placement group counter skips values when incrementing it via th...
When creating a new replicated Ceph pool, it's possible to choose the number of placement groups by either clicking t...
12:02 PM mgr Bug #34528 (Resolved): mgr/dashboard: Disallow editing of read-only config options
11:50 AM mgr Feature #38211 (In Progress): mgr/dashboard: Add custom dialogue for configuring PG scrub parameters
11:50 AM Ceph Revision 34e7f090 (ceph): Merge pull request #26450 from s0nea/wip-dashboard-readonly-config-opti...
mgr/dashboard: disallow editing read-only config options (part 2)
Reviewed-by: Volker Theile <>
11:43 AM Ceph Revision 84d077a0 (ceph): Merge pull request #25233 from p-na/wip-pna-qos-pr
mgr/dashboard: Add support for managing RBD QoS
Reviewed-by: Alfonso Martínez <>
Reviewed-by: Lau...
10:30 AM mgr Bug #38378 (Need More Info): (mimic) SSL handshake: 500 internal error to access dashboard
We need more context in order to be able to reproduce this. Setting this as "Need More Info" until more details unfol...
08:23 AM Ceph Revision e2ed984d (ceph): Merge pull request #26378 from votdev/issue_38267
mgr/dashboard: Module has several lint issues
Reviewed-by: Tatjana Dehler <>

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