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01:43 AM rgw Bug #18992 (In Progress): rgw_file: "exact match" invalid for directories, in RGWLibFS::stat_leaf()
rgw_file: invalid use of RGWFileHandle::FLAG_EXACT_MATCH

The change which introduced this flag also ca...
01:43 AM rgw Bug #18991 (In Progress): rgw_file: RGWReaddir (and cognate ListBuckets request) don't enumerate...
01:30 AM rgw Bug #18991 (In Progress): rgw_file: RGWReaddir (and cognate ListBuckets request) don't enumerate...
This issue has one root cause in librgw, namely that the marker argument to these requests was incorrectly formatted ...


11:20 PM rgw Bug #18989 (In Progress): rgw_file: allow setattr on placeholder (common_prefix) directories
When a POSIX path <bucket>/foo/ is known only as an implicit path segment from other objects (e.g., <bucket>/foo/bar....


06:48 PM rgw Bug #18505: kill nfs-ganesha + rgwfile get segfault
This doesn't look like a SIGSEGV (SIGUSR1).
I'll revisit shutdown process--I know you also posted a patch to addre...
06:43 PM rgw Bug #18936: rgw slo manifest issues
Based on review of Swift behavior, agreed behavior for missing etag shall be changed to never report precondition-fai...


06:24 PM rgw Bug #18936: rgw slo manifest issues
to break things down further, here's what happens when just size_bytes or just etag are omitted:
1. omit size_byte...


10:45 PM rgw Bug #18936 (New): rgw slo manifest issues
In debugging a downstream problem with RGW swift SLO, I found the following apparent (?) issues
1. downloading an ...


08:04 PM rgw Backport #18827: jewel: RGW leaking data
Tested, merged (Jewel):


06:54 PM rgw Bug #18808 (Pending Backport): librgw: RGWLibFS::setattr fails on directories

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