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02:18 PM fs Feature #18537: libcephfs cache invalidation upcalls
My intent in this experiment was, yes, that upcalls be synchronous. To be brief I'd say that my understanding was, if...


08:19 PM rgw Backport #17208: jewel: rgw: setting rgw_swift_url_prefix = "/" doesn't work as expected
Implemented, together with /info api support (the subject of issue #18526), in PR:
08:18 PM rgw Backport #18526 (New): jewel: rgw: implement swift /info api
Implement the /info swift api and required URL prefix support
Implemented, together with URL prefix (the subject o...


03:30 PM rgw Bug #18339 (Pending Backport): rgw ldap: enforce simple_bind w/LDAPv3 redux
Fix application of ldap protocol version option to the wrong ldap handle. This is not a dup. As currently searches ...


07:22 PM teuthology Bug #16535: jewel: NSS SSL linkage fix (avoid incorrectly linking BOTH NSS libssl3 and OpenSSL li...
The current plan is to set aside re-working civetweb to use NSS, but to fix the openssl library loading problem. Thi...
02:59 PM Ceph Revision 04bf0f8c (ceph): rgw: add 'rgw log http headers' gloss to config-ref.rst
Explain the option for upstream doc.
Signed-off-by: Matt Benjamin <>


11:14 PM Ceph Revision 4092c97e (ceph): rgw: custom headers: use boost::container::flat_map
Use this occasion of serialized map to implement encoders
for boost::container::flat_map, which is optimized for
11:13 PM Ceph Revision b82919a1 (ceph): rgw: add rgw_log_http_headers option
Tracks headers that should be handled conditionally (currently,
can only log, so using minimal structure to represent...


10:04 PM rgw Bug #18187: rgw:radosgw server abort when accept a CORS request with short origin (jewel) (hammer)
08:34 PM Ceph Revision e4107337 (ceph): Merge pull request #12381 from ly798/fix-rgw-crush-due-to-bad-cors
rgw: do not abort when accept a CORS request with short origin

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