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09:00 PM Ceph Revision 6bef8e3b (ceph): Merge pull request #17722 from amitkumar50/cov-rgw-6
rgw: Initialization of epoch,len


06:02 PM rgw Bug #21859 (Pending Backport): rgw_file: full enumeration needs new readdir whence strategy, plu...


10:26 PM rgw Bug #21859 (Pending Backport): rgw_file: full enumeration needs new readdir whence strategy, plu...
The original rgw_readdir(...) implementation takes the 64-bit integer offset of the next entry to list, but this cann...
05:46 PM rgw Bug #21560: rgw: put cors operation returns 500 unknown error (ops are ECANCELED)
a group of RGW cache consistency issues are being investigated in 'project november'


08:52 PM Ceph Revision 3d88b2cd (ceph): Merge pull request #18377 from joscollin/wip-cleanup-rgw-function-names
rgw: Fix getter function names in RGWEnv
08:29 PM Ceph Revision 5e0bea71 (ceph): rgw_file: disable FLAG_EXACT_MATCH enforcement
a. upstream motivating behavior no longer reproduces
b. incorrect stat behavior observed, traced to exact match enfor...
08:23 PM Ceph Revision a2c34c59 (ceph): rgw_file: implement variant offset readdir processing
Introduce new rgw_readdir2(...), which in which continues
from an arbitrary dirent name, which presumably has been
07:31 PM Ceph Revision cea38c72 (ceph): Merge pull request #18365 from linuxbox2/wip-rgw-v3open-write
rgw_file: explicit NFSv3 open() emulation
11:57 AM Ceph Revision e43f345b (ceph): Merge pull request #17432 from joscollin/wip-cleanup-fix-rgwconf
rgw: Access RGWConf through RGWEnv
11:52 AM Ceph Revision c584a8d2 (ceph): Merge pull request #17440 from mikulely/cleanup-iterate
rgw: update outdated debug func name

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