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  • RADOS (Manager, Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 06/07/2017)



01:05 AM rgw Bug #20763: Radosgw hangs after a few hours
The keystone revocation thread can be disabled altogether. The issue seems to me to be indeed SIGHUP related.


06:54 PM Ceph Revision e7b14d03 (ceph): Merge pull request #17040 from mdw-at-linuxbox/rgw-master-fix-plus
Rgw master fix plus
05:55 PM rgw Bug #20951 (Need Review): rgw: send data-log list infinitely
my issue w/the PR has been addressed, waiting for review by Casey


07:19 PM rgw Bug #20991 (Need Review): S3 API Policy Conditions IpAddress and NotIpAddress do not work


03:53 PM Ceph Revision 50724db8 (ceph): Merge pull request #16628 from theanalyst/rgw-policy-list-buckets
rgw: policy: support for s3 conditionals in ListBucket Op


06:25 PM Ceph Revision c0034ec9 (ceph): rgw: disable dynamic reshading for 1st L point release
Temporarily default RGW dynamic bucket resharding to OFF (usability
Signed-off-by: Matt Benjamin <mbenjami...
05:47 PM rgw Bug #20951 (In Progress): rgw: send data-log list infinitely
(assigning to myself to shepherd this)
05:32 PM Ceph Revision 1d9a4c47 (ceph): Merge pull request #15330 from guihecheng/rgw_file-fsid-mount
rgw_file: introduce new fsid and rgw_mount


06:25 PM rgw Bug #19870 (Pending Backport): rgw: bytes_send and bytes_recv in the msg of usage show returning ...
06:24 PM rgw Bug #19870: rgw: bytes_send and bytes_recv in the msg of usage show returning is 0 in master branch
does this need backport (L?)

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