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04:49 PM rgw Bug #22617: ceph rgw can't delete some object
@fpq, sorry, this is CLOSE--what I'm looking for is that you run radosgw with "-d --debug-rgw=18 --debug-ms=1" and ca...
04:09 PM rgw Bug #22617: ceph rgw can't delete some object
@fpq, I don't see any http_status=xxx lines in the new log output (though you do in your original text); we need to ...
03:29 PM rgw Bug #22202: rgw_statfs should report the correct stats
03:27 PM rgw Bug #22648 (Need Review): rgw: secondary site's lc configuration erased by multisite sync
@cbodley or @orit, could you look at this one?
03:27 PM rgw Bug #22248 (In Progress): system user can't delete bucket completely
03:26 PM rgw Bug #22617 (Need More Info): ceph rgw can't delete some object
@fpq, this looks like something we fixed; could you attach a log snippet with --debug-rgw=18 --debug-ms=1 ?
the la...
03:17 PM rgw Bug #22121 (Need Review): rgw: S3 interface: X-Amz-Copy-Source must be URL-encoded


06:55 PM rgw Bug #22666 (In Progress): rgw: cannot link a bucket to a tenanted user
06:54 PM rgw Bug #22261 (Need More Info): Object remaining in domain_root pool after delete bucket
06:52 PM rgw Bug #22529 (Need Test): rgw: copy_object doubles leading underscore on object names.

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