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  • Ceph (Developer, 05/04/2016)
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04:06 PM rbd Bug #37883 (Need Review): TestMockLeaderWatcher.InitReleaseShutdown: 79: FAILED ceph_as...
04:03 PM Ceph Revision f1b2c6a8 (ceph): test/rbd_mirror: wait for release leader lock fully complete
Previously the wait context was completed at post_release_lock
stage, which still was not the end of the lock releasi...
03:04 PM mgr Bug #37753 (Need Review): mgr will refuse connection from the monitor who starts behind it
01:08 PM rbd Bug #37883 (Pending Backport): TestMockLeaderWatcher.InitReleaseShutdown: 79: FAILED ce...
Possible race due to the test does not properly wait for release leader lock to complete before initiating shutdown:


09:13 AM Ceph Revision bf543540 (ceph): mgr: change 'bytes' dynamic perf counters to COUNTER type
(so they are of the same type as in static perf)
Signed-off-by: Mykola Golub <>


03:24 PM rbd Bug #37861 (Need Review): possible "deferment time has not expired" error on "rbd trash remove" j...
03:20 PM rbd Bug #37861: possible "deferment time has not expired" error on "rbd trash remove" just after "rbd...
Mykola Golub wrote:
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Lost in copy&past the most important part from the log:
03:15 PM Ceph Revision 947351e6 (ceph): rbd: fix delay time calculation for trash move
Signed-off-by: Mykola Golub <>
03:11 PM rbd Bug #37861 (Pending Backport): possible "deferment time has not expired" error on "rbd trash remo...
from run:...
10:36 AM Ceph Revision ffb41b06 (ceph): rbd-mirror: add aggregated replication perf counters
Signed-off-by: Mykola Golub <>

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