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07:52 PM Ceph Backport #15171: hammer: osd: corruption when min_read_recency_for_promote > 1 appears to resolve the issue for us, we can't replicate the corruption with ei...


04:50 PM Ceph Bug #14998 (Need Review): Build failures with Boost 1.60
I've resolved the issue in


06:04 AM Ceph Revision 1ab5fcdb (ceph): doc: mon-config Add information about pg_prime
Signed-off-by: Robert LeBlanc <>


06:35 PM Ceph Revision 2784c653 (ceph): mon: Enable pg_prime by Default
Although this does not completely resolve the start up issues, it looks
like this really helps with the memory usage ...
05:06 PM Ceph Revision 8aa159be (ceph): doc: osd-config Add Configuration Options for op queue.
Signed-off-by: Robert LeBlanc <>


05:16 PM Ceph Revision b4f19352 (ceph): Python-argparse is a virtual package which stretch wants you to pick
a real package to satisfy the dependency.
Signed-off-by: Robert LeBlanc <>


04:34 PM Ceph Backport #14329: hammer: osd/ReplicatedPG: fix promotion recency logic
Loic, I think I have the commit comments updated appropriately. We are really hopeful to get this in 0.94.6. Please l...


12:03 AM Ceph Backport #14329: hammer: osd/ReplicatedPG: fix promotion recency logic
Created a new PR since there wasn't a response to the original PR.


06:06 PM Ceph Bug #13482 (Rejected): OSDs can become too busy with replication OPs to handle client OPs
When a Ceph cluster is busy, it is possible that one or more OSDs become too busy handling replication OPs from other...


08:08 PM Ceph Feature #13163 (New): Add flag to delete a pool and its cache tier.
There doesn't seem to be a way to delete a pool with a cache tier without going through a number of time consuming st...

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