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12:52 AM Ceph Revision c5893088 (ceph): BlueStore: Fixed a memory leak
If a Blob is spanning is not getting deleted as spanning_blob_map
is holding one ref.Explicitly decreasing Blob ref f...


09:48 PM Ceph Revision 14c00baa (ceph): Logging proper message during read error from disk
Signed-off-by: Somnath Roy <>
09:47 PM Ceph Revision 46f1f9e5 (ceph): Logging rocksdb transaction in ceph log
The rocksdb transaction is now been logged into ceph log based
on debug level. If transaction is failed, the error co...


09:40 PM Ceph Bug #17021: make check: unittest_bluefs crashes
Not able to reproduce this with the latest master, please find the unittest_bluefs output and 'make check' attached h...


10:57 PM Ceph Bug #16897 (Can't reproduce): Multiple BlueFS crash during replay
Got multiple crashes during BlueFS replay and end up recreating the cluster.
2016-07-13 19:56:59.337657 7f9...


02:26 AM Ceph Revision bf70bcb6 (ceph): Bluestore: Fixed a Bluestore crash
A bluestore race condition is been fixed by protecting txc structures
within _txc_state_poc with collection lock.


08:57 PM Ceph Revision 2d3fe67c (ceph): Adding documentation on how to use new dynamic throttle scheme
Signed-off-by: Somnath Roy <>


05:22 PM Ceph Revision d8f4d9ee (ceph): FileStore: Added O_DSYNC write scheme
lfn_open can now open file handle in O_DSYNC mode based on the
filestore_odsync_write config option. This should help...


01:16 AM Ceph Revision 331e90f4 (ceph): Use make_shared while creating shared_ptr
make_shared() will get rid of one extra 'new' call during shared_ptr
creation.It is also 20-30% faster than creating ...


10:43 PM Ceph Revision 5e4eb3fc (ceph): OSD: Deleting transaction object right after applying transaction
Presently, the transaction object is been deleted by the Finisher
thread asynchronously. In heavy load scenario speci...

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