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02:38 PM fs Backport #37762 (In Progress): luminous: mds: deadlock when setting config value via admin socket


03:09 AM fs Bug #36273: qa: add background task for some units which drops MDS cache
Patrick Donnelly wrote:
> Venky, I believe you did some work on this?
I never got time to post the PR -- it needs...


01:57 PM fs Bug #26969: kclient: mount unexpectedly gets osdmap updates causing test to fail
seen in luminous too:
05:17 AM fs Backport #24912: luminous: qa: multifs requires 4 mds but gets only 2
05:12 AM Ceph Revision b11674b4 (ceph): qa: remove single mds yaml for cephfs multifs test
commit b98c982 (which backports 3b7233a) does not remove
this yaml file. This is causing failues such as:
Only ...


01:51 PM Ceph Revision 869b13c1 (ceph): test: add scrub control command tests
Signed-off-by: Venky Shankar <>
01:51 PM Ceph Revision b9153d14 (ceph): mds: scrub abort/pause/resume/status control commands
Signed-off-by: Venky Shankar <>
01:51 PM Ceph Revision 1eb33745 (ceph): test: switch using "scrub start" tell interface to initiate scrub
... and fixup doc too.
Signed-off-by: Venky Shankar <>
01:51 PM Ceph Revision 15d8f7b4 (ceph): mds: introduce "scrub start" tell interface to initiate scrub
This should be preferred over the traditional asok interface
which would probably get deprecated (soon).
01:51 PM Ceph Revision 0f001a8e (ceph): mds: dump scrub formatted output when context completion
Include scrub tag as part of the output and move the
formatting in context completion to support scrub opeation

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