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12:58 PM ceph-volume Bug #22704 (Duplicate): ceph-volume still creates osd ids and auth when creating osd fails
This was fixed with #22281 which is not yet released. 12.2.2 is affected. 12.2.3 shouldn't


02:11 PM Ceph Feature #22674 (Need Review): mon: support device class with `osd new` as a JSON key
The current implementation for defining device classes when an OSD is created is by creating the following file:


02:02 PM Ceph Revision e32b83c3 (ceph): doc/ceph-volume create an encryption doc explaining dmcrypt workflows
Signed-off-by: Alfredo Deza <>
02:02 PM Ceph Revision 4b7c93d4 (ceph): doc/ceph-volume create an encryption doc explaining dmcrypt workflows
Signed-off-by: Alfredo Deza <>
12:40 PM ceph-volume Bug #22663 (Verified): man page needs updating to explain bluestore support
It currently mentions filestore as the default, and that bluestore isn't supported which is not correct for 12.2.2 on...


02:45 PM ceph-volume Bug #22307 (Resolved): `ceph-volume lvm --bluestore` does not indicate success in output
merged commit 25c72da into master
02:18 PM ceph-volume Feature #22653 (New): add a --destroy flag to forcefully remove the underlying vg/lv when zapping
A new flag should be added to `lvm zap` that allows destroying the vg/lv/pv when zapping, since it is possible an ope...


11:01 PM CI Bug #22645 (New): chacra tries only three times at 30 sec. intervals for callbacks
This callback is what pings shaman about the status of a repo, and that can set the status of a server.
The follow...
09:20 PM ceph-volume Bug #22642 (Verified): can't reuse OSD ID if ID doesn't exist in `ceph osd tree`
ceph-volume will skip adding the auth required, the monitor will not know about the OSD and it will end up with the O...


08:10 PM ceph-volume Bug #22620 (New): ceph-volume simple dmcrypt support
Implement the dmcrypt support for decrypting devices in the same way ceph-disk allowed it. This is required for the s...

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