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01:33 PM ceph-volume Feature #23067 (In Progress): Implement an 'activate all' to help with dense servers or migrating...


07:45 PM ceph-volume Bug #23259 (Resolved): extend $PATH further
merged commit a8cd8b2 into master
06:38 PM ceph-volume Bug #23259 (Need Review): extend $PATH further
04:20 PM ceph-volume Feature #23000 (Closed): Support multipath devices
Closing since this is now documented as unsupported for the specific case of making ceph-volume create the LV. It sho...
02:50 PM ceph-volume Bug #23337 (Closed): ceph-volume lvm create fails to detect multipath devices
As explained here, on the pull request for multipath support, and now on the ceph docs, we aren't going to allow work...
12:46 PM ceph-volume Bug #23163 (Resolved): [ci] prevent/aleviate timeouts when calling `vagrant reload`
merged commit d4eaefe into master
But that broke Jenkins builds, so we had to follow up with:


07:30 PM Ceph Revision b7140d23 (ceph): ceph-volume lvm.prepare simplify help menu with bluestore default flags
Signed-off-by: Alfredo Deza <>
07:28 PM Ceph Revision 2d1b1918 (ceph): ceph-volume lvm.create simplify help menu with bluestore default flags
Signed-off-by: Alfredo Deza <>
07:26 PM Ceph Revision 1dca5eac (ceph): doc/ceph-volume document multipath support
Signed-off-by: Alfredo Deza <>
06:33 PM ceph-volume Bug #23337 (In Progress): ceph-volume lvm create fails to detect multipath devices
There is no support for multipath devices by ceph-volume for the use case you are presenting. The idea here is to all...

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