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05:12 PM CI Bug #19317 (Resolved): shaman health checks need to wait enough for possible chacra timeouts
merged commit 2ee453c into master
02:06 PM CI Bug #18588 (Resolved): make chacractl retry before giving up
Released as part of 0.0.14


03:52 PM Ceph-deploy Support #19279 (Closed): website is down?
The latest version (1.5.37) will work with development servers (gitbuilder is deprecated)
Since this ticket is abo...
03:34 PM CI Bug #19344 (Resolved): "ConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443):...
OVH shutdown the instance where runs. It is now up and running.
01:46 PM CI Bug #19317: shaman health checks need to wait enough for possible chacra timeouts
PR opened


02:06 PM CI Bug #19317 (Resolved): shaman health checks need to wait enough for possible chacra timeouts
Some chacra nodes were shutdown by OVH which resulted in health checks timing out.
Shaman does a health check on c...
01:54 PM CI Bug #19316 (Verified): chacra nodes that are bounced don't persist the (correct) hostname - break...
After a few chacra nodes were turned off by OVH (and back on again) they came up like:...


06:35 PM CI Bug #18019 (Need More Info): jenkins: do not randomly choose CentOS or Ubuntu slaves when running...


03:12 PM CI Bug #18044 (Feedback): infernalis is broken on shaman
This doesn't seem like it is happening anymore, can you confirm please Yuri?
03:10 PM CI Bug #18296 (Closed): not generate bulids for qa/folder changes and script changes
Feel free to re-open if you provide more information on how best to tackle this. As of now I don't see a clear way on...

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