HOWTO formally announce a release

  • Alfredo announces to QA Lead, Project Lead & Release manager once the final packages are cut
  • Release manager to create the release notes by submitting a patch to doc/release-notes.rst as a PR targeting the master branch
    • Release notes are generated using the script src/script/ceph-release-notes
    • Make manual corrections to components as much as possible in the release notes for easier tracking.
  • Once updates with the above files, and the right urls are checked, do a blog post on with the correct links, this can be copy-pasted from the html rendered release notes (alternatively just ask jenkins to render docs via jenkins render docs and copy paste the related html
    , also the blog post can be saved as a draft in advance so that the publish button can be clicked once the packages are out.
  • Announce the email preferably with the plain text version of release notes, use discretion if the changelog is large.. in that case just a link to the blog might suffice with the major release announcements only in the email. The mail needs to be sent to ceph-announce, ceph-users, ceph-maintainers, ceph-devel lists
  • Inform Patrick (@scuttlemonkey) about the release so that @ceph tweets the release