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10:29 AM Orchestrator Feature #48339 (New): Use file references in NFS ganesha service configuration
Using "cephadm deploy", it is possible to deploy a NFS Ganesha daemon in a host not included in the cluster. We can c...


11:08 AM Orchestrator Bug #48041: mgr/cephadm: Allow customizing mgr/cephadm/lsmcli_blink_lights_cmd per host
Volker Theile wrote:
> The problem is that the template to build the command line to enable/disable the LEDs is...


04:13 PM Orchestrator Bug #48041: mgr/cephadm: Allow customizing mgr/cephadm/lsmcli_blink_lights_cmd per host

Could you mind to explain better the problem?
The blinking light feature is to use with individual storage devic...
08:53 AM sepia Support #47948: Sepia Lab Access Request
Hi Adam kraitman:
When I try to connect to the sepia VPN,( I'm using Fedora,and I have follow instructions in "htt...


10:36 AM mgr Feature #46755: mgr/dashboard: allow the creation of 1 single OSD in 1 single host
Just to comment that the solution to this problem is not to add the possibility to select by "device_id".
The pro...
09:19 AM sepia Support #47948 (In Progress): Sepia Lab Access Request
1) Do you just need VPN access or will you also be running teuthology jobs?
Both things
2) Desired Username:


04:21 PM Orchestrator Bug #47872 (New): cephadm: ceph orch add osd does not show error
Trying to use:
# ceph orch daemon osd add hots1:/dev/sdc
No error presented and "hots1" does not exist in the clu...


04:42 PM mgr Bug #47864: mgr/dashboard: Provide status info when deleting OSDs
The orchestrator provides this info:...
04:12 PM mgr Bug #47864 (Duplicate): mgr/dashboard: Provide status info when deleting OSDs
ceph orch osd rm status
01:13 PM mgr Feature #47860 (New): Configurable and sortable list
In the "Devices list" not all the fields available are shown. It could be interesting to allow the user to decide wha...

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