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03:34 PM mgr Bug #48856: Ceph Zabbix module sending negative OSD numbers
It looks like the negative numbers correspond to the negative numbers that are part of my crush map so I assume there... Jared Baker
02:51 PM mgr Bug #48856: Ceph Zabbix module sending negative OSD numbers
Ubuntu 18.04
Ceph 15.2.14
Zabbix 5.0
I have the same issue with negative OSD's and an incomplete list of OSD's. ...
Jared Baker


03:30 PM rgw Bug #47383 (New): Multipart uploads fail when rgw_obj_stripe_size is configured to be larger than the default 4MiB
Submitting this bug report as per request from Matt Benjamin in ceph-users thread Jared Baker


05:09 PM mgr Bug #41171 (Duplicate): mimic: ceph-mgr 13.2.6 crashing on ubuntu 18.04 lts: 54: FAILED assert(pClassInstance != nullptr)
Recently upgraded from 13.2.5 to 13.2.6 and began to experience instability with ceph-mgr.
Our setup:
3 controlle...
Jared Baker


07:11 PM mgr Bug #23460: mgr deadlock: _check_auth_rotating possible clock skew, rotating keys expired way too early
Running Luminous 12.2.7-1xenial and am encountering this issue with ceph-mgr as well. I have 3 controllers running ce... Jared Baker

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