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08:25 AM rbd Tasks #55915: [test] update Ubuntu VM image used for qemu_xfstests
Hi ilya:
which version of ubuntu will you use? I want to based new version to reproduce the bugs. Thanks!


01:36 PM rbd Bug #55515: [pwl] "rbd persistent-cache flush" is very slow
If no fsync, pwl will insert inner-sync. And i didn't understand " slowness might be expected there."
Also, i notice...
01:49 AM rbd Bug #55534: Persistent write back cache - Error message needs improvement for corrupted cache wit...
From the Steps to Reproduce:
1) wite data using RBD bench to pmem/image after few minutes abort, cache file present ...


09:26 AM rbd Bug #55400: [test] cache-mode/rwl workloads/qemu_xfstests job always times out
Whether use memory-filesystem as cache-file backend to speed xfstest?
01:36 AM rbd Bug #55389: [pwl] endianness issue with WriteLogCacheEntry encoding
which platform can reproduce this ?


02:01 AM rbd Bug #53613: [pwl] Failed to start IOs when SSD mode persistent write back cache is enabled in cep...
@Deepika Upadhyay, looks good. Does 16.2.7-3.el8cp contain this?


07:18 AM Ceph Revision 4d8cf8c2 (ceph): librbd: Read request need exclusive-lock when enable pwl-cache.
TestLibRBD.TestFUA descript the following workload:
a)write/read the same image w/ pwl-cache
write_image = open(ima...
07:18 AM Ceph Revision 4d8c6cf2 (ceph): librbd: send FLUSH_SOURCE_INTERNAL when do copy/deep_copy.
copy/deep_copy use object_map to judge whether object exist.
If w/ librbdo pwl cache, flush can't flush data to osd w...
07:18 AM Ceph Revision ddc61f64 (ceph): librbd/cache/pwl: it should in apply_metadata set discard_granularity f...
Function apply_meta can overwrite discard_granularity_bytes
based on option.
07:18 AM Ceph Revision 28ea49a1 (ceph): librbd/cache/pwl: revert patch 76f4d29d92be3f9f45767cb1ac6cc50.
In fact, After BlockGuard to fix flush reorder issue, patch
76f4d29d9 don't need. So revert.
Signed-off-by: Jianpeng...

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