Nigel Williams




01:24 AM Ceph Bug #55617 (New): cephadm shell container problem
Randomly when starting cephadm shell the config directory is not passed into the container correctly and ceph command...


03:18 AM Ceph Bug #55533 (New): OSD down and purge inconsistent
Down and Purge is not actioned as expected, sometimes the DOWN is ignored, and sometimes the PURGE is ignored. Repeat...


10:35 PM ceph-volume Bug #53589 (Resolved): ceph-volume unstable provisioning behaviour
When applying a spec.yaml via "ceph orch apply" ceph-volume sometimes fails to deploy onto one or two devices on the ...


03:20 AM Linux kernel client Bug #46419: ceph: ceph_add_cap: couldn't find snap realm 110
We have had two hangs today we think due to this bug, any thoughts on whether this will arrive in Octopus soon? thank...


04:55 AM RADOS Bug #40642 (Duplicate): Bluestore crash due to mass activation on another pool
Newly deployed Nautilus cluster with SSD and HDD pools on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with kernel 4.15.0-54.
When adding a doz...


03:05 AM Ceph-deploy Feature #12646 (New): clarify final message for OSD
ceph-deploy finishes with this message when provisioning OSDs:
root@ceph00:~# ceph-deploy --overwrite-conf osd pre...


07:47 AM Stable releases Tasks #12156: 0.80.10 packages are uninstallable on Ubuntu 12.04 precise
This is affecting Trusty (14.04.2) too.


12:27 AM Ceph-deploy Bug #11351 (New): unused journal partitions after failed prepare
When ceph-deploy hits this bug:
and a journal was being created on a ...


08:04 PM devops Bug #6330: ceph-deploy does not use /etc/hosts entry making functional DNS a dependency
Thanks Alfredo. I tried to recreate the error I encountered as a test case but have failed to make it re-occur. I now...


08:50 PM devops Bug #6330 (Closed): ceph-deploy does not use /etc/hosts entry making functional DNS a dependency
This is to avoid what I consider to be a bug in Linux where some tools do not respect the /etc/nsswitch.conf settings...

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