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11:24 AM mgr Backport #43820: nautilus: mgr default value handling is broken
We've run into the issue (in 14.2.8) that even if smtp_ssl is set to false (e.g. for mail sent to a local postfix rel...


02:36 AM rbd Backport #39501: mimic: snapshot object maps can go inconsistent during copyup
This is probably the reason for the corruption observed when performing backups based on diff output when fast-diff i...


05:18 PM rbd Bug #44159 (Resolved): [rbd-mirror] Mirror daemon never recovers from being blacklisted
I can reproduce this rather reliably by:
- Restarting many OSDs (old nodes, slow spinning disks, likely exceeding de...


12:29 PM Dashboard Bug #44118 (New): Non-ASCII characters in ObjectGateway users' display_name break dashboard
Creating an Object Gateway user with purely ASCII characters, but a non-ASCII character in the "Full Name" field via ...


09:34 AM Ceph Bug #40683: selinux allow ceph_t to call sudo
I still observe this on CentOS 7.7 with 14.2.6. ...


01:52 AM rbd Bug #43429: rbd-mirror daemon command "rbd mirror status" produces invalid JSON
Actually, both the trailing ] for "pool_replayers" and the trailing } (matching the very first brace) are missing.
01:30 AM rbd Bug #43429 (Resolved): rbd-mirror daemon command "rbd mirror status" produces invalid JSON
The trailing brace is missing:...
01:27 AM rbd Bug #43428 (Resolved): rbd-mirror daemons don't logrotate correctly
Currently, /etc/logrotate.d/ceph shipped with ceph-base has the following postrotate command:
killall -q -1 ceph-m...


01:27 AM CephFS Feature #43337 (New): fs: support relatime correctly for CephFS
As of now, CephFS does not seem to handle atime.
The relatime mount option (since Linux 2.6.30) is meant to not o...


06:59 PM RADOS Bug #41336: All OSD Faild after Reboot.
two questions:
- How to find out if a pool is affected?
"ceph osd erasure-code-profile get" does not list...

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