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11:47 PM Ceph Bug #63557: NVMe-oF gateway prometheus endpoints
Endpoint PR


07:37 AM Orchestrator Feature #63224 (New): [RFE] Add an alert for swap space usage
Ideally swap should not be active on a ceph node, but if swap usage is active it has the potential to affect performa...


07:10 AM Orchestrator Bug #62838: remove double quotes from the tgt_cmd_extra_args in nvmeof config
With a spec like this...


11:01 PM CephFS Bug #62674 (Duplicate): cephfs snapshot remains visible in nfs export after deletion and new snap...
When a snapshot is taken of the subvolume, the .snap directory shows the snapshot when viewed from the NFS mount and ...
10:26 PM CephFS Bug #62673 (New): cephfs subvolume resize does not accept 'unit'
Specifying the quota or resize for a subvolume requires the value in bytes. This value should be accepted as <num><un...
10:06 PM CephFS Feature #62670 (Need More Info): [RFE] cephfs should track and expose subvolume usage and quota
Subvolumes may be queried independently, but at scale we need a way for subvolume usage and quota thresholds to drive...
02:12 AM Orchestrator Bug #62651 (New): mgr/cephadm defining the nvmeof gateway address of the Hosts IP
The deployment of the nvmeof gatweway is using the hosts IP as the address to bind to. In a multi-homed server this i...


10:16 PM Orchestrator Bug #62639 (New): mgr/cephadm is not raising alerts when non-ceph daemons are down.
The ceph cluster deploys ceph and non-ceph daemons.
When a ceph daemon fails, ceph itself raises a healthcheck wh...
10:03 PM Orchestrator Bug #62638 (In Progress): mgr/cephadm is not defining haproxy tcp healthchecks for Ganesha
Normally, I'd expect the backend server definition for haproxy to include healthchecks to take servers out of 'rotati...
09:54 PM Orchestrator Bug #62637 (New): mgr/cephadm haproxy configuration uses the host IPs for Ganesha backend
When Ganesha is deployed, it's highly likely that it will be a multihomed server. This requires haproxy to target the...

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