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  • dmclock (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 08/13/2020)



12:39 PM Ceph Documentation #6107 (Resolved): Broken link on upgrade doc
There is a broken link in the doc at
The broken link is: http://...


01:38 PM devops Bug #5475 (Closed): ceph-deploy deb install breaks on i386 due to missing python-pushy package
We're not building python-pushy for i386, so attempts to apt-get install ceph-deploy fail:
> rturk@ubuntu:~$ sudo ...
01:35 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #5474 (Resolved): ceph-deploy osd create host:/path/to/osd does not activate
When using osd create host:disk, it does prepare+activate. When you do it against host:path, though, it prepares and...


04:53 PM devops Documentation #5265: node-name is confusing. hostname is probably more accurate
I think it might be helpful to have a section of the QSG that describes the basic networking requirements (i.e., host...


08:53 PM Ceph Revision 8eaa15f2 (ceph): doc: fix broken link to ceph-deploy in release notes
Signed-off-by: Ross Turk <>


03:03 AM Ceph Revision ecda1208 (ceph): doc: fix overly-big fixed-width text in Firefox
Changed font size for ...


08:48 PM Ceph Revision 248835d4 (ceph): doc: wider sidebar, larger font, cleaned tip CSS
The sidebar is now about a hundred pixels wider and the fonts
are larger throughout. This works a lot better when yo...


12:51 AM Ceph Revision 53b354df (ceph): doc: update copyright to include contributors, CC
Signed-off-by: Ross Turk <>


05:21 PM Ceph Documentation #3412: doc: update main page arch diagram
We should replace the homepage diagram with the updated one that we use in our PPT presentations. Contact me (rturk)...
05:20 PM Ceph Documentation #3412 (Resolved): doc: update main page arch diagram

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