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01:21 AM Ceph Revision 3873ac96 (ceph): test/seastore: add write seqeunce to avoid racing
In the middle of test_random_write_concurrrent(), there is a chance
that consume(laddr A), regarding transaction 1, i...
01:21 AM Ceph Revision 55381786 (ceph): seastore: prevent re-entering do_gc_cycle() when run_until_halt is called
Signed-off-by: Myoungwon Oh <>
Signed-off-by: Yingxin Cheng <>


04:24 AM RADOS Bug #56661: Quincy: OSD crashing one after another with data loss with ceph_assert_fail
Hm... at first glance, OSD calls stop_block() on a head object, which is already stopped, in kick_object_context_bloc...


04:27 AM Ceph Revision c4fedd19 (ceph): seastore/rbm: rename nvme_device to random_block_device
rename nvme_device namespace to random_block_device, and
introduce random_block_device::nvme
Signed-off-by: Myoungwo...
01:22 AM Ceph Revision 710c4a24 (ceph): osd: do not make the manifest object dirty after tier-evict
Once current tier-evict is called, the object become dirty even
though there is no changes before---tier-evict just m...
01:22 AM Ceph Revision ea749df5 (ceph): osd/,rados/: modify TIER_FLUSH to implicitly make an object a manifest ...
Existing object-dedup command always creates temporary object and
perform set-chunk to make the input object manifest...


12:09 PM Ceph Revision 92ca9c08 (ceph): seastore/rbm: rename works
1. rename NVMeBlockDevice to RBMDevice
2. rename PosixNVMeDevice to NVMeBlockDevice
Signed-off-by: Myoungwon Oh <myo...
05:24 AM Ceph Revision 163b51f2 (ceph): seastore/rbm: rename NVMeManager to BlockRBManager
Signed-off-by: Myoungwon Oh <>
04:53 AM Ceph Revision 5b622828 (ceph): seastore/rbm: use DEBUG instead of logger().debug()
Signed-off-by: Myoungwon Oh <>


08:18 AM Ceph Revision 08bc13c8 (ceph): seastore/rbm: fix indent inconsistency
Signed-off-by: Myoungwon Oh <>

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